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End racial bigotry in our lifetime


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Quote (Trekkicat @ Aug. 03 2009, 3:39 pm)
at last we will be 'bat-free'.

I know what you mean Garfield.
it is easy fir a big single country to discus racism when you are not living next many other small countries with other cultures mingling with your own.

Yeah, but it is not only that. It is the political correctness that distrubes me.

I give some exp:

Saint Nicolas, a saint who brings presents to kids, drives a horse and has some aids. Those aid have darked skinn, not because their african but because they're bringing the toys in by using the fireplace. Smoke in those things leave a dark black powdr behind that sticks to skin.
But the new elite in holland tried change it, they once used multicolor aides or a black Saint Nicolas with white aids.
Why was it necesary to change tradition here (luckly those changes weren't accepted by the people, the people chose tradition)? This tradition isn't racist!

Banks gave some piggy's to kids to put their savings into. It was a nice tradition, but they stopped doing that pigs or swines could be insulted to some people.
For decades kids got those things, filled them and went to the bank to exchange those piggy's for a saving account and a new one. But this one is also gone.  :(


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So I guess racial bigotry has ended, since this topic has ended. :D


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It was just a cease-fire- hatred has begun again.


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You people have to accept the fact that there will always be racism. ¿A petition on a Star Trek forum will not help racism.


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Quote (Goodchild @ July 27 2009, 8:57 pm)
Quote (Trekkicat @ July 28 2009, 12:55 am)
Quote (Pyralis @ July 28 2009, 1:59 am)
Ahh I find all races idiotic and pathetic, but some are worse than others. ?Everyone is (at least) a tiny bit of a racist.

'falls on knees'

FINALLY! ?:laugh:
you understand me

It's the Ego which is inflated thinking that some are better than others. If we are to end this behaviour then all of the racial jokes will have to go, along with nationalism and competition. Can this be achieved?

I think I am better than most people.  The fact is, some people are better than others - depending on your views.  There will always be people closer to your views and what you think is right than others.

In my opinion, any kind of jokes are acceptable.  I have never been offended by any kind of joke.  If people get offended by a joke, they should die.

P.S. - Sorry for double post.  No time to figure out how to merge the two posts in any way since the laptop battery is about to die.

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