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Your Dream Starship


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Quote (Venicius @ July 11 2009, 4:30 pm)
my second choices would be: Vger, Vesarius, or Chang's bird of prey.

V'ger...nice choice. You can create perfect digital copies of anyone in the universe that it has absorbed. And outfit them with bathrobes and high heels.  :laugh:

Vesarius...Don't know what to say about that, since they never really showed anything that it could do, but any race that can build a vessel that large and propel it through space at FTL speeds has got to be pretty advanced.

Chang's BOP...this is your weakest choice. I suppose you can choose a cloaked BOP for style points, but your ride is especially vulnerable to being sniffed out by doctor-modified torpedoes.


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Mine would be a Starfleet Patrol starship, the USS Enforcer, whose mission is to protect and serve the Federation. ?
The captain would be from Guadalajara, Mexico, Alejandro Ramirez, and would have his wife from Cardassia, Mung'Tal. ?

The crew that Alejandro would have:

First Officer: ?Commander Ti'Rook (which I believe is Vulcan, not sure).
Second Officer: ?Android robot named Cyberelli built in Milan, Italy
Security Officer: ?Lt. Gu'Ran (from the Delphi Galaxy, I believe)
Helm Officer: ?Ensign L'Tanna Matranskev (half Russian, half Andorian born on board USS Centurion after they returned from their mission to Andoria was complete)
Chief Engineer: ?Lt. Cmdr. Dontel Taylor from Detroit, Michigan (apparently with the auto industry the way it was, he decided to join Starfleet instead)
Communications Officer: ?Lt. Gertrude Schwartz from Hanover, Germany
Sick Bay Doctor: ?Dr. Edward Watts from Melbourne, Australia

Seems like a good crew, tho. ?The timeline would take place just shortly after Captain Kirk's mysterious death (well, his first and actual death, not the one from the movie Generations). ?Their first major mission was to locate and seek out who or what was responsible for his death, and bring them to justice, as well as to support other exploration crews throughout space should they need help.


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Quote (BrotherofShran01 @ July 11 2009, 1:13 pm)
Quote (Romulan_Star_Empire @ July 11 2009, 10:29 am)
Quote (31st_Century_Temporal_Agent @ July 10 2009, 12:08 pm)
Quote (Romulan_Star_Empire @ July 10 2009, 11:23 am)
My dream ship and crew.


Now that is why some people label Star Trek gay. It is videos like that give us a bad name. :(

Who's ever called Star Trek gay? Stupid or geeky yeah, but gay? Anyway if it makes you feel better they take the mickey out of Star Wars as well.

:D ?That's exactly what it's meant to be.

Hi Romulan_Star_Empire. I am the original poster. This thread is for Trekkies to share their ideas of their dream star ship would be or to design one that would be seen on SYFY channel, the CW, ABC, etc. I assume that you are trying to make a joke by posting the link to the you tube video. I am asking you to please post realistic information of a star ship that would appear in a canon star trek series or novel, approved by the people who own Star Trek. Also, I am asking all members who post here to be nice to others while posting.

Well fine, if you want to be a spoil sport ¿:p.

I'll take a Valdore class, splice it with a Jem'Hadar attack ship and fit it with a pulse phaser and quantumn torpeos like the Defiant. She'll be called the Kitana, the ultimate battleship created after the incident in Nemisis. The Federation and Romulan Star Empire will form an alliance to produce a class of Starship that will be able to take out any threats to the quadrent, so that another tragedy like the Dominion War would be prevented. There will be a crew of Starfleet and Romulan Officers.


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my design would be the shape of the Enterprise E.
my engine would be a Guild Navigator from Dune
Honor Harrington would be my Captain
I would be the 1st officer
The Doctor and Bashir would be my doctors plus all the lovely nurses, Ogawa, Chapel and Doctor Selar and Beverly and Bones to.
Odo as head of Security
Worf as head of my Marine compliment(klingons, humans, Jem'hadar, cardassians and Hirogen).
Vulcan and Romulan spies plus Garek as head
all Chief engineers as my engineering crew plus barclay
Jedi's as counselers and teachers
Wesley as the genius kid
Chief Obrian and Data operations
Picard as my Ambassador
Janeways weapons of the future plus the cloak and armor of pure neutronium
Quantom torpedoes and the Death Star's array
scanners from the 31st century
Kirk 2nd officer, Sisko part of engineering, Janeway a scientist plus Soongh and Sayatek as collegues
pilots Riker, Paris and Sulu.
communications Sato and Uhura
Denobulan doctor head of biology
a borg redundant life support system

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