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When Did You Become a Star Trek Fan?

John Woods

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 In the late 70's,when i was about 7,with the original series


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September 8, 1966...Hooked from the very first show...Wanted nothing more than to join the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise and boldly go where no 11 year old girl had gone before...Finally met Bill and Leonard last summer and confessed my 43 year crush on Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock -- which earned me a big hug and kiss from Mr. Nimoy...Since '66, I've faithfully watched the show in all its incarnations -- but TOS is still the best and most meaningful for me...Trekkie for life!...


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1986 when i was 7 years old


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In 1996 when I was 15 (and I've just turned 30!). I started with TNG, then moved onto DS9. I love TOS as well though.

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Jim Kirk

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I remember it like it was yesterday, back in the 70s... I was bored and figured I would try and watch this Star Trek show. Needless to say i was hooked in 5 minutes. I used to get so mad when Mom called me down for dinner and the show was still on. LOL

Jim Kirk

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Back in 1966 I think.

 Loved it then and now.


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