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When Did You Become a Star Trek Fan?


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When did you really get into liking Star Trek and becoming a fan? Curious.


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VOY. :cool:


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TAS, followed very shortly by TOS in 1974


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TOS 1966


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TOS in the late 1970's


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TNG - my dad first introduced me to it when I was about three, and I really got into it nearly thirteen years later. I've been a dedicated TNG fan for going on three years now.


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TOS ... in 1984.

I was 12 years-old and in 6th grade at the time.


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At the beginning, in 1966, when I was 14.


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TOS....Sunday mornings in the late 70's, it was on at 11:00. I would do my best not to go to church so I could watch, but being a pre-teen, that usually proved to be difficult. Mom and Dad usually dashed my hopes, unless we went to 10:00 o'clock mass. Then I could at least catch the second half.


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I always watched Trek, starting with TOS, but I was really an avid Dr. Who fan at first. Didn't really become a hardcore fan until a couple seasons into TNG.


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a friend at work recommended that I watch Voyager. I remember watching TNG quite a bit when I was a kid, I just didn't get it. So my friend at work let me borrow Voyager season by season on dvd and I watched the whole series in about 2 months. Since then I've been addicted to anything and everything Star Trek.


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became a fan of TNG back in 1994. Later became a fan of voyager. Got onto the TOS bandwagon by 1998. Then Enterprise.


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In the 70s.  My mum let me stay up late on Friday nights to watch it.  I was 8 or 9 and it was on at 10:30.


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A few years ago, when I watched a few episodes of TOS at my grandparents' house. TOS, then TNG, and I want to watch Voyager, too,since that was the first one I actually watched, when my dad would stayup watching it when I was little.


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Back in High School-I only had the TOS to watch

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