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Which Major characters death was the saddest


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I still get chocked up at Spock's death

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I think Kirk's death sucked because you had to watch him die twice in less than 2 hours.


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I have to say that i didnt shed a tear during Titanic but i shed a few tears for my dear data !

"I do not believe it is justified to sacrifice one life-form for another."-Data


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I cried for Data and Jadzia.


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It's gotta be Data, I still have hope he will live again, though Brent Spiner claims he is too old to pull of being Data again so. Not much hope there. I was never really had any feelings toward Tasha Yar until she died, her speech to the crew is great *pokes signature*

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Data was the saddest. I would have said Spock but He comes back to life.

He's dead Jim.


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Data! I couldn't believe it! And then they replaced him a millisecond after his death!I did NOT like B4. I'm still in denial actually. At least they didn;t kill off my namesake. Spock's death was also extremely sad. As was Tasha's.

"Life tiny little life precious little life forms...where are you?" -Data


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Spock and Data!!!!!!!! *sniff*

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DATA!!! : (


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Actually - I just watched both "The First Duty" (aka Crusher and the team attempting a Kolvoord Starburst maneuver getting a pilot killed) and then moments ago "Lower Decks" and I forgot the amount of tears after Ensign Sito Jaxa's death.

She will be missed.


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Ensign Sito died with Honor.

Kirk not so much



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I was sadened when James Doohan left us.


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Even though they brought him back to life, Spock's death was the saddest. Kirk, Tasha, Data, and Sarek's deaths were also sad.

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