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Kirk wears Orange and Picard wears Red... why?


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In TNG film, Generations, most of the crew wore the DS9/VOY Variation of the uniforms - department shoulders, black rest.

Worf still wore the black shoulders version though.

You can see in "Birthright Part I" when Enterprise was docked at DS9 that starfleet officers assigned to the station wore the newer version.

Then for First Contact, they got the grey-shouldered coloured-undershirt uniform. DS9 then got that uniform.


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It was explained in the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" when the DS9 crew went back in time to Kirk's original Enterprise, and they tried to blend in among the original crew.

Command Officers wore Gold (Sisko)
Science Officers wore Blue (Bashir)
Operations Officers wore Red (O'Brien)
"And women wore less" (Jadzia)
Kirk was wearing Green.

If you see orange then your tv needs adjustment.

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