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How where the BORG REALLY Created?


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What if the Borg are the de-evolution of a completely mechanical species?

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Q, though, was right. By learning how to defeat the Borgs' ever-adapting defenses, the Federation grew much smarter and more technologically advanced. After fighting the Borg, otherwise-intimidating foes like Klingons (at times) and Hirogen seem less-daunting. Unfortunately, it took 63 billion people or more for this conflict to end (in the Destiny and Full Circle books).

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Quote: covertness @ Nov. 19 2010, 11:55 am

As for V'ger (Voyager 1 or 2) encountering the Borg on some other planet I seriously doubt that. Both probes are still within this Solar System's sphere of influence and it would be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years before it even comes close to another star system.

From Memory Alpha: After having lost contact with Earth, it was believed by scientists of the day to have disappeared into a black hole. During an encounter with the V'Ger entity on Stardate 7413, it was postulated by the crew of the USS Enterprise that the probe had emerged from the black hole and encountered a race of sentient machines who occupied an unidentified machine planet.

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The vger connection doesn't work. I have yet to find anyone who had read Destiny and wasn't satisfied with the borg origin or fate.


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Are there any writers who would take up this challange and write a Borg based series that would be considered Canon?

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Shackleford, you would have been better off spending that time reading Destiny.


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Quote: challengerdyer @ Jul. 01 2009, 11:08 pm

I recall an interview with Gene Roddenberry where he had agreed with the theory that it was the Borg Homeworld that V'GER found. From his lips, I think that by itself should make it canon.
is that recorded somewhere?


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

OK i actually spent two days looking this up a few months ago, and you can piece together yourself from the internet and various sites, but i will sum it up as best i can ...

from all i have seen, every episode and movie 3-5 times each and a few of the books, and behind the scenes interviews with writers etc.,

in the beginning ...

in the Voyager series they drop hints that the borg go as far back as near a 1,000 years before voyager time in the late 24th century (i think that is when it is) so that would place them about the 1500's (actually i think it was 900 years so 1500 would be dead on) but they reference that when they find some old warrior race and revive them 900 years too late ("Dragon's Teeth", or something) and in that episode they leader of the race says that the borg had "only a few systems"; but in my mind this says they had already been mechanized and were slowly taking over planets. So what made the borg, when did they begin?

7of9 says in another Voyager episode that the Borg assimilated nanite technology from species "132" (or something, i can't remember the exact number but it was something samll) this implies that the borg assimilated people"the old fashion way" before that species, so that may be why it took them so long to spread out from the Delta quadrant. so they were probably a species of people that got caught up in technological improvement, this species spread to other systems incorporating other species and over time became the borg we know. so how did they actually start?

i believe there are at least wto or three ideas for their begining. shatner wrote some idea about us sending a female scientist to the past and her getting caught up in some disaster resulting in the creation of the borg queen (but don't take that to the bank, it has been a while since i read that), then another posited the idea that a mad scientist a long time ago in the delta quadrant was losing his daughter and to prevent her death he mechanically modified her and used his co-workers as borg drones to support her life functions and over time she and her drones became the borg. and the third idea escapes me right now.

then there is the borg queen, look her up she is interesting. apparently there are many borg queens or at least they are serial, and at some time in the borg past, after they had become borg, they needed the mental processing powers of a specific species females to coordinate the thoughts of the collective. this is a cool idea.

Good summary. Now, did you pull anything from the (non-canon) books?

Matthias Russell

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The vger connection has never been widely accepted. The only places I ever saw it relied upon was in the shatner books and the Legacy game.

Matthias Russell

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I think the Borg were created by the First Federation. Think about it, they are an ancient civilization, the probe was a cube and the Fesarius a sphere. Coincidence? I think not.


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Only thing voyager have to do with the Borg is they help then and the whole galaxy from getting killed by spices 8472 7/9 transwarp and a few destroyed ships and that episode unamatrix ( I haven't seen it yet )


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I haven't read through all of these answers - but Borg = Cyborg surely, and must have come from somebody at Paramount being impressed with The Terminator franchise human/machine hybrids and thought "we need some of this" ...

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