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The USS Excalibur is one of the longest-running games on the internet with over 13-years of gaming history. We have a diverse crew with players from all over the United States, Canada and even International simmers. The mission of the Excalibur is simple: we strive to provide a diverse, energetic and fun environment for players of all ages to relax and enjoy themselves. We meet every week for an hour starting at 10 PM EST on Sundays in a live chat setting.

The Excalibur is an Akira-class vessel, is set in the Gamma Quadrant, ten years after the end of the Dominion War. The war?s end has given birth to an unprecedented level of cooperation between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant, with former adversaries (Federation, Romulan, and Klingon powers) joining together to build Camelot station and starbase.

The dream of peace, however, has yet to be realized. With the Founders, the former Dominion leaders, absent and in isolation, the Dominion power faction has fallen into chaos. The Vorta Council rules in proxy, but their hold on power is tenuous. Meanwhile, in the dark heart of the Gamma Quadrant an ancient enemy of the Founders rose once more to challenge their old rivals. A year?s long war has left the various Gamma based governments/leaders even weaker. The Scorpiads (a large scorpion type of race) now face a rebellion from their once loyal lieutenants, the vampiric Al Ucard, while the Vorta Council struggles to keep order a group of changelings known as the Hundred have arisen to challenge their authority.

The Excal crew is on a quest of epic proportions: locate the Holy Grail, an alien device capable of community directly with the Founders? Great Link. Since the disappearance of the Founders, the Dominion and Hundred have been vying for control of Dominion worlds; this device may be the only hope of locating the elusive Founders again.
We hope you will join us as we seek peace by the sword, but a peace only under liberty.

The USS Excalibur is an advanced simulation sponsored by the Star Trek Simulation Forum. Although play is restricted to pre-assigned crew members who have graduated from Starfleet Academy, all are welcome to come watch. The game begins at 10 pm ET Sunday nights in the Excalibur chat area accessible at

Starfleet Academies are also open to all interested participants and are held at various weeknight and weekend times in the Holodeck chat area at, and the academy games times can also be located on the schedule page. There are no membership requirements to play and everyone is encouraged to participate.

MISSION BRIEF: the ship and crew are currently tasked with retrieving sensitive salvage technology. Since the Excalibur currently requires an extensive 1 month repair session, for the mission duration, we have been assigned to the Excelsior Class USS Union.


Captain Ah-Windu Corizon: the Commanding Officer of the USS Excalibur, Dameon Male. He is an accomplished command level officer, and his background MO has been within the areas of self-defense, military history, and tactical planning, and has distinguished himself within the fields of Military Defense, Strategic planning, and several missions and skirmishes during the Dominion War.

A consummate command officer, he has a tendency to lead with a firm hand, delegating tasks and rarely asking for input from subordinates on major policy decisions.

Commander MVess (Left Ear) JoNs: the Executive Officer of the USS Excalibur, Caitian Female Feline. She is a seasoned command level officer who came up through the junior starfighter pilot ranks during the Dominion War. After suffering a bout of piloting burnout, she transferred full time into the security field, eventually hopping onto the command fast track.

While competent, thorough and enthusiastic within her duties, personality wise, she can be a bit rough around the edges; she is very set in her ways and a straight arrow officer, not suffering fools very easily.


STSF Kansas
Commander Left Ear JoNs
Executive Officer l USS Excalibur NCC-2004C
USS Union Interim

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