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Admin should be fired

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Report this Jun. 27 2009, 1:29 pm

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 Posted: June 27 2009, 1:26 pm  

Calling for the removal of's Administrators and Moderators for mis-managing this website.  MEMBERS: copy and paste this thread and send it to CBS so we can get an unbiased, more professional staff running this site.  
  Admin & Mod's refuse to answer any emails, p.m.'s, or threads questioning the recent banning/suspension of several long time members of  The Admins & Mod's will not tell these banned or suspended members how they violated the Terms of Service on, and how long their suspension will be in effect.  The recently suspended members cannot even ask Admin what their suspension was based on, because their p.m. priviledges were removed by Admin.  And don't even both emailing them at  They will not answer.  I believe they don't tell the banned/suspended members what they did wrong, because there WASN'T ANY VIOLATION COMMITTED.  Otherwise, why would Admin remain silent.
 The Admin of have also recently banned several ISP numbers, which bans innocent people with that same ISP.  One public ISP number banned covers three separate states!.  That means that even guests who want to view the message boards here on the Star Trek XI movie are blocked.  I wonder what the Adverstisers on this site would think about that??
 This is a travesity.  This is a dictatorship.  And this is totally unfair to the seasoned long time members of who kept this site active and fesh for many years, making more than 20,000 posts so the Advertisers would continue to pay CBS/Paramount.
If we, the members of do not get a more UNBIASED, professional acting staff running our beloved site, I will be taking a PETITION to the 2009 Star Trek Vegas Convention next month getting hundreds of fans to sign for the removal of the current Admin staff here.  I won't have any trouble getting signatures, as so many Star Trek fans have left this site years ago due to mis-management by Admin.
 In closing, I know the UNPROFESSIONAL, dictatorship style Admin staff here will just delete this thread, and ban my ISP.  But I have about 20 different ISP's to come back and post this thread again and again until we get some answers!
  What you can do to help:  Go to CBS.Com and post your complaint about in the television show feedback at the bottom of the page.  No email address or registration is required.  Post in every television show they have.  If they get enough complaints to forward to the Powers that Be, maybe something will be done.

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