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Next Generation Crew Reasignments:


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Report this Jun. 26 2009, 4:47 pm

Picard/Riker: ¿General Repair crew member along side riker.
Data: ¿Bartender.
Worf: ¿Working with Quark on DS9.
Tasha Yar: ¿Teacher aboard Enterprise-D.
Goardi: ¿Councelor of Enterprise-D.
Beverly/Troi: ¿Starfleet Inteligence
Guinan: ¿1st Officer.
Ensign Ro: CMO
Soran: ¿Captain.
Weasely: ¿Works alongside Worf on DS9.
Reg Barcley: ¿Has just been promoted to high end Ambassador of communicating to unkown species.
Guinan's Sister:  Who listens for profit will now be the councelor.

What do you think?

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