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"Dumbing down"


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I agree with Yanks. Hooking a new audience was a major factor in the film, and I am sure that the 'intelligence factor' if you care to so put it, will not be ignored in the next film. But I certainly found material of substance-the meeting of P. Spock and Kirk, Spock's internal struggles, and trials in the movie, for ex. ST IV had a message imbedded-but, it was loaded with humor, as XI was action and excitement. I am just glad that, for me, I added this to my own favorites of Trek list, and look forward to the followup.

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I agree with the poster who found some substance in the movie. I can't believe those who did not like the movie can just ignore the moments in the movie that were truely wonderful, the funny moments, the touching moments like Kirk's birth and the sacrifice of Kirk's dad , the touching moments with Spock/Kirk and Spock and his father/mother, spock and spock prime, or kirk and spock prime.. the kobayashi maru test, Uhura and Spock,  you see how the spock kirk relationship evolves and the coming of age of a young kirk.. so for me the movie had some rich moments that are typical of the better star trek movies. so to say this movie was just a lot of dumbed down action would be unfair.. it was entertaining and certainly not a bad movie.. it did have it's problems but overall you have to say this movie was a worthwhile entry..

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