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Favorite Star Trek Series


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What is your favorite Star Trek series? Please pick the one you love the most of all of them.


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TOS or TNG, idk which one.


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Next Generation, although sentimentally I wanted to say the Original. Production quality was the tie-breaker.


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Same here, the older series in TOS and TNG were definitely the classics, and are still the best to this day.
I just thought that the newer spinoffs and prequels just lost a lot of quality over the older series, imo.  Nothing wrong with DS9, VOY, or ENT, but your father's Trek was certainly where all the good acting and stories were told.


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DS9, TOS, TNG, STV....That's my order of favorites.


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have to say Star Trek was my favorite series of them all


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My most favorite are the Orginal Series and The Next Genaration. But I love the Orginal Series the best!


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DS9 rules, then TNG, ENT, VOY, TOS, TOS last only because it's cheesy and that 60's look, never could get into that age of film very much. But still watched on a regular basis.


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in my sig


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Favorites in order



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TOS is my favourite for sure. It's got that cheesy charm to it. :)


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I believe this is the first time I've ever seen TOS winning in one of these polls.

Seems the new movie has certainly had an effect. :cool:


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Recently I've been rewatching TOS and have found it very enjoyable. I saw all of the original episodes years ago when TNG started up. I have to say, that the new movie did inspire me to watch the original series again. I do like it better than TNG as their characters in the episodes were more defined and stronger than how TNG's characters started out. Don't misunderstand, TNG got their characters great by the start of the third season. What I liked about TOS is that there seemed to be more mystery and possibilities. I liked the cheesey type of aliens they'd meet and the problems they would deal with. I also wished TNG had a McCoy characeter. He was a great center to the show. Pulaski was a nice homage to McCoy. But Crusher was good as well. For me, TOS is standing at my fav.


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Enterprise is my favorite with TOS a very close second. TNG is third. DS9 a far back fourth. Didn't like VOY at all.


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I love TOS, it's the most fun of all the series, with DS9 a close second because of the character and plot developement.

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