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The Gamma Quadrant


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Report this Jun. 24 2009, 5:17 pm

Hi everyone. ?Me and two other friends have recently started a podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. ?It's called The Gamma Quadrant and we basically discuss and review each episode. ?We started a few weeks ago and just posted our latest episode, a discussion of A Man Alone. ?Apologies if this is against forum regulations; it's totally not for profit and we're doing it out of the love of DS9 (we don't evenm request donations). ?Our hope is to get people who have to DVD's to watch them along with us. ?Maybe we can even get people to go out and get the DVD's if they don't already have them - I know of a few people who have done just that. ?I hope you guys enjoy it. ?

We are on iTunes, but you can also download us at

Our blog page with reviews and stuff about us can be found at

You can also email us at

Please let us know what you think!

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