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Favorite Star Trek Charcter


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In no particular order...
Spock, Data, Picard, Bones,Bashir, Jadzia, Tuvok, Geordi and of course, Spot.

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My absolute fave ST character is TRIP!!!

the other ones I really like are; Dr McCoy, EMH, Dr Phlox, Tom Paris, Chekov, Archer, Janeway.


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TOS: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Number One are my favourites, but there´s no one I really do not like. (Unless perhaps all those ever exchanged, pretty "stupid blonde" female yeomen...)

TNG: Can´t really name favourites; I like the ENTIRE main cast! But if I have to make some sort of a division, Worf and Riker would probably end up at the bottom of the list, and Data and Lwaxana Troi at the very top.

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Captain Kirk -- Shatner's power in the performance and the Kirk's exploration of the consequences of command make him the best Captain in Trek.

Captain Sisko -- He is a builder, a leader of a community with a sense of righteousness that is appealing in leadership.

Major Kira Nerys -- She is a tough woman and we had a lot of fun adding layers and peeling the onion over the Cardassian Occupation.

Past that, I like how they react together or what they brought to the show, but I wouldn't pick out any one of them over another.

Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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Top 5

1. Spock (TOS)
2. McCoy (TOS and 2009
3. Kirk (TOS)
4. Chekov (TOS and 2009)
5. Scotty (TOS and 2009



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(Like, duh!)


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Spock is definitely my favorite character, and then McCoy, Scotty, and Chekov following in no particular order.

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TOS: Kirk and Bones

TNG: Riker, Worf, Troi

DS9: Worf i guess, not a big fan, but he was good in TNG, only reason I really watched the show.

Voyager: Tom Paris if I had to pick one, again not a fan.

Ent: Trip and Phlox

So yeah, my all star crew would be Kirk in the center seat, Riker as XO, Worf at Tact./security, Trip as Chief engineer Bones as the doc (with Phlox to spell him when he's had a few too many) and T'Pol, Troi, Uhura and various hot alien chicks as Kirks harem....guess it's a Mirror Universe crew.


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Hands down... Spock
Q comes in second.

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Ok, I'm going in series order:

1. Spock





6.Geordi LaForge

7. Q

8. Picard

9. Worf

10. Odo

11. Quark

12. Bashir

13. Nog

14. Gul Dukat

15. Dax

16. O'Brien

17. Phalax

18. Tuvok

19. Malcom

20. Trip

21. T'Pol

22. Archer

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