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Wow! This is old!


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Report this Jun. 23 2009, 11:46 pm

I dug all my old Star Trek: The Official Fan Club magazines out of the back of my closet and in one of the oldest going back to 1986? Captain Picard was going to be Captain Julien Picard. Tasha Yar was supposed to be Macha Hernandez, Riker was spelled with a Y , and someone referred to two new characters named Conn and Ops!! The Enterprise D was originally going to be the G!!


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Oh wow I totally remember all that! I don't have the mags, but I do know I have all that nifty info somewhere. They made a looot of changes, and thank god! I love it the way it is. =) I love how bizarre everything could have been! Also, don't you remember that Wes was going to be a girl named Leslie? That would have meant no growing up being in love with Wil Wheaton for me!

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