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"Chief" Obrien


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Quote: UtopiaPlanitia @ Jun. 23 2009, 1:34 pm

Ok so im a little confused about how starfleet handles its Enlisted people.

His uniform is the same as an officers however somehow people are able to tell that he is a Chief Petty Officer.  

Enlisted people can only go so far in the military.  So why is Obrien given commands on DS9 and is chief engineer?  These position are usually meant for officers.  And usually any officer outranks any enlisted man.  

and why is Obrien like the only one in starfleet who is enlisted?

IRL- Some enlisted ranks have more authority over some comissioned ranks due to the position that rank puts them in. Granted, we are talking high NCO ranks/ low com. ranks but it happens. There are also civilian grades that may be higher than nco/enlisted ranks and even some officers.
Now, where Starfleet is not supposed to be a military organization, position may have as much to do with ones authority as rank.

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Quote: defiant_12 @ Jul. 15 2009, 11:13 pm

Quote (chickadee @ June 23 2009, 11:40 am)[quote=UtopiaPlanitia,June 23 2009, 1:34 pm]
So why is Obrien given commands on DS9 and is chief engineer?
Technically any officer of the rank ensign or higher, or any enlisted personnel of enlisted ranks above him (Master Chief Petty Officer up?) could give him orders, but they will usually defer to O'Brien due to his expertise and years of experience. This is why he holds the position of Chief of Operations on DS9. In the episode "Whispers" there is another engineer who, despite serving on O'Brien's staff, seems to talk to O'Brien as a superior officer.

Memory Alpha says that when he went to DS9, he received a promotion--probably a field promotion. So, I think that he became an officer, after all his years as a Chief Petty Officer.

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He was never an officer. Numerous times in ds9 he commented as such and he didn't have the normal rank pips either.

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