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Ever seen a Star Tek actor?


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While I've never met any of them I did see Patrick Stewart at the Denver Con, it was the last season of TNG and he was on stage. We was great! One little boy asked him if he liked children now, thinking of Picards earlier dislike of children on the ship, and Mr. Stewart was so nice! He bought the boy on stage and told him that he loved children, then he told about his own children. That little boy's eyes got sooooooo big! I'm sure he'll remember that for a long time to come!

I missed the chance to see Gates McFadden and Rene Auberjonois at an earlier Denver Con. Didn't find out til later that Rene was signing autographs.

There was a guy I bumped into at a Denver Con that looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. Until I got home and read an article in a Star Trek magazine, a bit after the con, and Jonathan Del Arco made mention that he had been at the Denver Con. The pic with the article sure looked like the guy I'd bumped into LOL At least I did say excuse me

While it would have been great to meet all of them, I was happy to just be around them

Someday I'd love to meet Leonard Nimoy and John DeLancie at the same time. I remember John DeLancie from when he played Eugene on Days of Our Lives, loved that character!

It's be cool to meet them all someday

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Mr. Stewart brought a child on stage at the convention I saw him at. The child asked if he had a favorite actor.  As it happened, the boy was wearing a Data t-shirt and Mr. Stewart explained how he was a fan of Brent Spiner's. 

Mr. Nimoy and Mr. DeLancie were doing some appearances together when they were doing the Alien Voices productions.  It may be hard to see them together, but you should try to see either of them if you get the chance.

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Just Marina Sirtis..She really is a lovely was a great experience


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Yes... well, sort of. This past weekend, at Chicago's ST convention, I literally brushed shoulders with Casey Biggs, Marc Alaimo, Jeffrey Combs, and Armin Shimerman as they headed out of a side entrance. I and other costume contestants were lined up at a wall and I happened to be right in front of the door. I had to physically move aside as they walked by, and they all greeted me. Marc Alaimo even commented on my costume and said "Great costume, Mister Data!" I was thrilled.

I was going to meet Leonard Nimoy and get is autograph the day before, on Friday, but of course he couldn't attend as he'd had emergency surgery the night before. *sniff-sob*


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Never met any Star Terk actor or actoress. Liklyhood of this happen very smell unless I a news artical idea publish or and then one book publish for follow three reason. First stock NY state and most time in Croton Westchester near by or in Lake George. Only way trave by parent driving me or by bus exstreamly near by or my parent driving me if they have time. Also this Star Terk event have to happen day not a Jewish holiday. Only other possible just meet one off street that two unlikley even if that did happen most not even no Star Terk actors or actoress most likley I never real know one way other.


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I got to see several at the Chicago Comic Con this year: Avery Brooks, Brent Spiner, Walter Koenig, John De Lancie.


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Sadly, no. I was going to meet Leonard Nimoy at the Chicago Star Trek Convention last week, but he had surgery the day before and couldn't attend. I really do hope that one day I'll be able to meet him.

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I WISH! About a weekend ago there was an entertainment convention called, "Armageddon"here in New Zealand. I went to it. There was a big star trek section which was awesome. Nana Visitor (Kira, DS9) was supposed to be there but for some reason never came!

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