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Report this Jun. 22 2009, 1:25 pm

whichever refers to the CGI spacebattles...

anyway, TOS got the 'remastered' stuff with new CGI work, like a new, old-and-rusty-lookin' Botany Bay, etcetera...

What about TNG and DS9? DS9 mainly, here.

Defiant. Size and the-other-weapons problems.

Bird of Prey/Vor'cha.

The part where Much of the non-CG parts where they used physical models meant that there were numerous errors.

Like the docking pylon being above (and from the perspective of the viewer/camera - behind) the Enterprise' Warp Nacelle in Emmisary.
Or Hell, Phaser fire coming from the Landing Pads!

One feature I think should have been textured onto the Defiant hull was some outline that the fan reference books like Fact-files and Companions and so forth could point and say "This opens up for when the Defiant docks with the Station."
Because according to the MSD-style display in the Tech Manual, where it's labelled, along with the deck plans...
There are TWO gangways above the deflector in the nose 'warhead'.

Also, Only one of the larger ships (Intrepid/Nebula and upwards) would be able to dock to anyof the 3 upper or lower pylons at a time.

Another thing that bugged many people was the whole tractor beam in Way of the Warrior coming from the bridge.

And before/after, many times when the defiant also fires its' 3rd weapon set -phaser beams - coming from the bridge, or the nose 'dot' thing, that had been mistaken by me due to bad description on other websites, as the Docking Port.


My explanation for those that I came up with was Torpedo-like modules that fire phasers, or emit tractor beams, that can be 'deployed' Ala NX-class Phaser Canons, and so be swapped out when a tractor beam is needed but not phasers.


I'm sure many remember the Shattered Mirror Regent Worfs' Super Negh'var.

Or the reuse and many-a-time incorrect use of other freighters/ships...

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing 2 very similar-that-from-afar-look-the-same-but-up-close-very-different designs for the B'Rel and the K'Vort Bird of Preys...
Maybe it can be as simple as... the Model is the same with exception to one or two details (weaponry...)
but the textures used for the hull detail is different, like adding a few window rows to the K'Vort model, and none on the B'rel.

The model differences could be smaller torpedo ports on the K'Vort's Command section, and the wing disrupters being a group of them.
and a very-close shot where the camera follows the disrupter pulse to it's target could show that it's actually a group of pulses so close together that from any view that can also show the whole ship, it's like one pulse...

The K'Tinga could also get a re-done sequence for the battle in Way of the Warrior - so the disrupter beams are coming from the two edges of the wing rather than the torpedo ports.

And I really didn't like the dummy-fire-ness of the Photons from Deep Space Nine itself in that battle.the shot showing the turret on the sail just showed all those firing away from the camera as going in a straight line...


Then there's the Dom-War Kitbashes. I mean really, the main body from a model of the F-14 Tomcat  used as the ENGINEERING HULL, attached to an intrepid saucer, and same with the maquis raider?


what they should have showed in those where these ships:

in a fleet of say, 100 ships, 10-20 Defiants. No more than 2-per-100-ships for Galaxy, 20 Mirandas and 20 Excelsiors.
10 Steamrunners, 10 Sabre-classes (Saber or Sabre?Whats the official word on that?) and the rest Akiras.

How many Defiant classes did we see?
not counting the pair with the akira class in that USS Prometheus/EMH/EMHmk2 voyager ep)

A few other low-run ships in the mix, like a pair of Prometheus Class ships in a battle after "One Little Ship" - which takes place after Voy's Message In A Bottle (which takes place on Stardate 51462. One Little Ship takes place on 51474. The previous two are unknown and the one before then ends on stardate 51413
Or just one ship, in MVAM Mode...

Towards the End, maybe even have a shot of when Admiral Ross arrives on the station being a Sovereign Class!

And I'm sure that the guy who won the "Design the Titan" contest would love for the Luna class to make an appearance in WYLB... Then again it might be a bit too early for that design.

Hell a few other Intrepid-class ships. and as it nears the Finale, more and more of a mix with really new advanced designs in small number with other older "reactivated" ships.

A few DS9 shots showed photons firing from the tractor emitters on the sails too, particular in Emissary.

Meh As a fan project, it could be good, kinda like the Fan Edits of the prequel Star Wars films (The TFM edits in particular, where Jar Jar is cut as much as possible from the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones)

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