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Star Trek: Crossroads A TNG reboot Movie! ENJOY!


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This movie I wrote here assumes Star Trek 11 never happened as an TOS reboot. This is how I believe Trek 11 would have went if it were a TNG reboot. I have a technology guide at the bottom of this page for us hardcore Trek fans.

Korath watched as Janeway¿s shuttlecraft disappeared in time and the temporal rift was closed. He vows his revenge on Janeway and the entire Federation. He thinks about how his race once thrived before humans started roaming the stars.

Side Note: This opening scene is actually a flashback and we don¿t see Janeway¿s face at all. It is just those events after Janeway escaped him.

Side Note: You can also figure out that this Korath is actually from an alternate timeline that was changed when Janeway made it back and got Voyager home early.

An old grey Korath sits in his quarters as his grandson Monak walks in.

Monak Grandfather it is almost time.

Korath I have been waiting 110 years for this day to arrive. Are the other ships prepared?

Monak Yes but I don¿t see why we don¿t go back farther? We can travel almost 1000 years with your new device and wipe humans out before they can even fathom the face of a true warrior.

Korath Your father asked me the same questions before he was killed by Cardassian scum. Despite the Federation¿s arrogance our empire needs our past peace with them for our future to be secure. That is why I have chosen this time period to effect our plan and achieve a stronger empire.

Monak That makes no sense you say we need to¿..

Korath You do not understand the complexities of time travel as I do just follow my orders. Even so we can use this device twice safely now if need be.

Side Note: You can see that Korath has built a better chrono deflector that will not burn itself out after one trip.

Side Note: To better understand the political climate I will explain. These 10 Klingon D-9 ships are from a small faction of the Klingon empire that are very unsatisfied with being members of the Federation. They believe the Klingon empire is but a mere shell of what it once was and truly think their race is weak. The Klingons officially joined the Federation in 2493. These scenes are taking place in the year 2514 (early 26th century).

They both head to the bridge of their D-9 cruisers. They signal the other 9 ships to standy.

Klingon Officer Sir Five Federation ships approaching at transwarp.

Korath Activate the device signal the other 9 ships to take them out by whatever means necessary. Our future depends on it.

Five Federation ships led by the Enterprise-I come out of transwarp.

Captain Chase Lt. Markson hail the lead Klingon ship. Korath the chancellor has informed us of your plan we will stop you by whatever means necessary.

Korath The chancellor is weak and knows nothing about being a warrior. All that will soon be changed. Screen off!

The next battle scene lasts a good few minutes. Here are some of the key parts of it.

The other Klingon ships are firing their standard weapons while Korath opens the temporal rift.
Korath¿s ship then fires his temporal torpedoes and badly damages the Enterprise-I  
When it is all over the other 4 federation ships are destroyed and only 3 Klingon D-9 Cruisers remain including Korath¿s ship. His supply of temporal torpedos are exhausted.

Captain Chase Lt. Markson if we blow our transwarp core can it take out those ships from this distance.

Lt. Markson In a reluctant voice says yes sir but we have to do it before they get to close to that rift or the rift will absorb some of the explosion.and perhaps amplify it.

Captain Chase Computer activate self destruct.

Computer Unable to comply self destruct relays are non operational

Ensign T-Rella Sir the 3 ships are entering the rift.

Captain Chase Follow them in. We have to destroy those ships at all costs.

TITLE SCREEN Star Trek: Crossroads

Yvette Picard Jean-Luc, Robert¿ come inside now dinners ready.

They both head inside. They sit down at the dinner table with their parents Maurice and Yvette Picard.

Maurice Robert¿ did you show your younger brother how to tend to the vines. I tried dad all he wanted to do is talk about Starfleet academy and space.

Jean-Luc Liar I did what you asked.

Robert¿ After you kept trying to sneak away to the hardware store to get those tools.

Maurice Jean-Luc what did I tell you about using technology on those vines. They are delicate enough those tools will not help the final product in the end. And all this business about Starfleet and space. It is not in our family¿s tradition. I expect you to carry our family¿s long tradition just like your brother is.

Jean-Luc Yes dad.

They both scurry up to bed and Jean-Luc calls Robert¿ a tattle tale and pushes him. A quick fight ensues and Jean-Luc gets knocked on his ass.

Side Note: This previous scene was a flashback Picard was having.

Picard is staring out the window of his ready room on the Stargazer thinking about his brother and his family. The year is 2354 (24th Century)

Side Note: Picard has a full head of hair in this time frame. We can just say that photo of him at the academy from Nemesis was just him trying the bald look.

Captain his first officer comes over the comm. We are detecting some strange sub-space readings half a light year away.

Picard signal the Trieste to hold off the rest of the cargo transport and to follow us to investigate this. I am on my way.

Picard Report Commander

Commander Stinson It appears to be a rift in the fabric of space time.

Lt. Jack Crusher Sir A ship is coming through. It appears to be Klingon but of unknown design.

Picard Hail them

Lt. Jack Crusher They are locking weapons sir.

Picard, Shields up arm phasers and photon torpedos.

Koraths ship has fired on the Trieste one torpedo and it was destroyed with all hands lost.

Lt. Jack Crusher Sir 3 more ships are coming through. One appears to be Federation. On screen Picard read U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-I

Lt. Jack Crusher The Enterprise has been badly damaged sir. It¿s warp core if you can call it that is getting ready to explode.

The Enterprise-I explodes and destroys 2 of the already badly damaged Klingon ships. Only Koraths ship remains. The shockwave has also badly damaged the Stargazer and some of the bridge crew were killed from exploding workstations including Jack Crusher.

The Stargazer is also badly damaged and a warp core breach is in progress. Picard orders all hands to escape pods. Very few of the crew including Picard escape in escape pods and head to the nearest moon.

Korath sees the escape pods but his ship was damaged enough and decides to head straight to Quonos.

Korath Transwarp 11 to Quonos

Korath¿s ship comes out of Transwarp and all of the Klingons about 50 of them beam into the council chambers with their 26th century disrupters. Before anyone in the council has time to react most of them are dead.

K'mpec whats the meaning of this.

Monak I read about you in our history you turned our people into a bunch of weaklings.

K'mpec History? You question how I lead our people. You will pay for your treason young one.

Side Note: Now K'mpec is not exactly the fat old man we saw in TNG. This is actually a pretty good Bat¿leth battle and Monak¿s arm is wounded.  

Monak leans over to K¿mpec as he is dying and says now it¿s our turn to get the future of our people right.

Five Years later 2359. Picard walks into a meeting with Admiral Brill and Rear Admiral Jonas at Starfleet headquarters.

Admiral Brill I wish I could say the launch of our new galaxy class starship was under better circumstances. We had to rush this design a few years ahead of schedule and put off some other developmental projects.

Rear Admiral Jonas After that data you brought us back a few years ago and the subsequent silence of the Klingon empire Starfleet intelligence has reason to believe something major is brewing in the Klingon empire.

Picard I know very well I saw a future version of the Enterprise destroyed right before my very eyes. Any word from those 15 missing Federation ships that were patrolling near Klingon space?

Rear Admiral Jonas None at all we must assume they are destroyed unless proven otherwise.

Admiral Brill The Enterprise-D is the finest and biggest starship ever built and hopefully her mission of exploration will continue after we get this business with the Klingon¿s settled. Have you selected your bridge crew?

Picard yes I have sir. Lt. Cmdr William Riker from Potemkin.

Admiral Brill I hear he is a quick comer upper. Do you have the rest of the bridge crew picked as well?

Picard Yes sir I do.

Admiral Brill Then I wish you good journeys Captain.

Picard heads to Starfleet academy to talk to Boothby before he beams up to the Enterprise.

Boothby Well well well Jean-Luc Picard

Picard Boothby always nice to see you again

Boothby Look at you getting command of our new flagship. A far cry from the wreckless youth that nearly got himself killed over a game of Dom-Jot

Picard Yes but I am almost grateful for that experience. It gave me a nice kick in the ass.

Boothby Well good luck Jean-Luc

Picard Thanks again Boothby for everything.

Picard is met by Ensign Geordi LaForge.

LaForge The shuttle is ready to depart if you wish.

Picard Let¿s go see your new ship.

LaForge My ship sir?

Picard You are my chief conn officer you will be flying it correct?

LaForge Right Sir

Picard I expect you to treat he like she is your own.

LaForge Yes Sir

They get on the shuttle and we get our first full glimpse of the new Enterprise-D

LaForge 42 decks sir.

Picard Mr. LaForge alert all senior staff members to meet me in the conference room when we dock.

They arrive in the main shuttlebay.

Picard sees a young boy watching a crewman perform work on a conduit in the main shuttlebay.

Picard. Mr. LaForge I thought there were to be no children aboard this ship?

LaForge I am sorry sir this is Dr. Crushers son Wesley. Wesley go back to your quarters.

Picard takes a long hard glance at Wesley as he leaves realizing who he is.

Dr. Crusher please meet me on deck 2 before the staff meeting.

Beverly Crusher It¿s been a long time sir.

Picard yes it has. I am glad to have your services as chief medical officer on board this ship. But there is one other matter we must discuss.

Beverly Crusher Yes sir

Picard Wesley cannot remain on this ship. He has to be left on Earth for his own safety.

Beverly Crusher But captain he has never been away from¿.

Picard I am sorry Beverly this is not open for discussion. Let¿s head to the conference room for our meeting.

The turbolift doors open and Picard steps onto the Enterprise-D¿s bridge for the first time.  Picard thinks to himself the specs do not do this justice.

He heads to the conference lounge and greets his crew. (Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, Yar, Beverly Crusher, Troi, and  Lt. Cmdr. Argyle.

Picard Some of you I have met before, some of you I have not. I know all of you have proven yourselves to be very capable officers in the past and I expect nothing less. I wish our new flagships maiden voyager were under better circumstances but as I am sure you are all aware this design was pushed up a few years intentionally.

Riker May I ask why such an unprecedented hurry sir.

Picard That is why we are here. This data I am about to show you has been classified for the last five years. This is a visual log from my old ship the U.S.S. Stargazer just before it was destroyed.

Worf Those look like Klingon ships but of a unique design.

Picard That¿s right Mr. Worf that is also why I hand picked you to be on this mission. Is this mission going to be a problem for you?

Worf No Sir I took and oath to serve the Federation and will give my life in that service if need be.

Data The U.S.S Enterprise Ncc-1701-I Sir. It is safe to assume these ships came from a future time period.

Troi Relations with the Klingons have been only getting better since the Khitomer accords.

Picard Yes Counselor but we don¿t know exactly how far in the future those ships came from. One of their Torpedoes destroyed the U.S.S Trieste in one shot.

Yar  Sir even one Klingon ship with such advanced weaponary can overrun an entire Federation fleet. Why did they not just come straight for Earth?

Picard these are all very good questions that we will get answers to. I hope. We believe their course took them straight to Quonos.

Argyle That Enterprise caused quite a shockwave when it exploded. That could not have been a conventional warp core breach to take out two advanced Klingon ships like that.

LaForge Who knows maybe we have discovered something faster than conventional warp. I can only imagine.

Picard Yes Mr. LaForge but our mission is too discover what happened to that future Klingon ship and it¿s crew. We are authorized to use whatever means necessary to destroy that ship and arrest their crew. If they are trying to change our past then they have already succeeded for the last five years.

Riker Perhaps we should limit full access to this data to the senior staff here. Having too many people know about the Enterprise-I may even corrupt the timeline further.

Picard My thinking exactly number one. Give the rest of the crew only as much information as is needed to complete our mission. Same goes for the rest of the fleet. Mr Data I want you to study these scans and come up with a defense against these weapons. Work with Lt Yar. I also want you to study that temporal rift. I want our long range sensors to be able to detect that kind of rift if it opens again. There is no guarantee they won¿t try to escape in time again. Mr Argyle I want you to make sure this ship is ready to achieve maximum warp on a moments notice. Whatever kind of propulsion that Klingon ship uses we must try to keep up with it if it becomes necessary.

Picard I want this ship to warp out in one hour dismissed. Riker just one moment.

Basically it is a get to know you type conversation. Picard asks Riker if this being his first posting as first officer will be too much for him to handle. You get the idea.

Beverly Crusher has just finished with Picard¿s physical. There is a conversation about Jack and Wesley during the physical. Picard reiterates to Beverly about the importance of leaving Wesley on Earth for his own safety. He leaves sickbay and heads for the bridge.

Yar All Departments report ready sir. The rest of the fleet (30 ships) is ready.

Picard Mr. Data continue long range scans. Ensign LaForge set a course for Quonos warp 9. That familiar sonic boom is heard as the Enterprise-D warps out of Earth¿s orbit.

Monak heads to the council chambers to find Korath.

Korath Is our fleet ready? Yes sir 20 D-9 Cruisers ready to depart.

Monak We did not have the resources needed to complete more Temporal Torpedos though sir.

KorathWe will not need them were we are going.

Monak Our longe range scans have detected a Federation fleet of 31 ships mobilizing in the Sol star system.

Korath It is of no consequence. We will blow them out of the sky just like those other Federation ships.

Korath Are you ready to take your place as chancellor?

Monak Yes grandfather.

Korath as long as you lead our people back to their warrior ways all will be as it should in our future. Let¿s go to the hall of warriors for the ceremony.

Captain Gowron overheard the entire conversation from around a corner. The strange and unusual orders, deployments, and a secret shipyard have all made him suspicious over the past five years. He believed the new chancellor Korath was behaving too much like a spineless paTak. He beams up to his Bird of Prey and heads for Federation space.

Data Captain one Klingon Bird Of Prey is approaching at high warp.

Riker One ship. Is it of a design you recognize?

Data Yes sir a standard Klingon Bird of Prey.

Picard Mr. LaForge all stop. Lt. Yar yellow alert. Hail they bird of prey.

Picard I am captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise. Please identify yourself.

Gowron Captain Gowron of the K¿tola. Captain Picard we have a very urgent matter we must discuss. Our futures are at stake!

Picard Beam over to our ship. Lt. Yar and Ensign Worf escort Gowron to the conference room.

In the transporter room Gowron makes a comment about him hearing a rumor that a Klingon joined Starfleet. Worf says nothing back though.

Picard welcome to the Enterprise.

Gowron this new design starship is massive but does it have the heart of a warrior?

Picard I would hope so.

Gowron Where to begin. Five years ago all of the Klingon high council just suddenly disappeared including chancellor K¿mpec. I went to deliver my monthly report to the general and everyone was different including a new chancellor named Korath and his new general Monak. I did not know what to make of it. No one had an explanation. All of our fleet commanders were at a loss but could not question the orders of the high council and risk dishonor for their house. New ships with advanced weaponary were being built at a secret shipyard. I recently overheard and conversation that confirmed my suspicions. These Klingons are from the future. They are doing dishonorable deeds that will affect both of our worlds. I don¿t know the state of relations between our peoples in the future but I must be concerned about the present and the Khitomer Accords. We must be held accountable to stand by our word or we have no honor.

Picard What do you think we can do?

Gowron Once our fleet commanders hear of this I am sure most of them will join our fleet. I believe there are about 20 of these future attack cruisers currently built. I believe Korath is planning something else as well. I am not sure. He has named his general Monak the new chancellor two days ago.

Gowron They have detected your fleet mobilizing but I do not believe they suspect my knowledge of their plans. I can lead a team into the high council chambers and kill Monak and those paTak before they know what is coming.

Picard We will have to attack with our fleet.

Gowron Our fleet would be joining you shortly therafter. Today is a great day to die! He pats Picard on the shoulder.

Picard Mutters It actually looks that way. He heads back to the bridge.

Picard Data have you found anything out?

Data Yes sir. Myself and Lt. Yar have studied the impact disbursement pattern of those phased torpedoes. Picard looked puzzled? Phased is the best word I can think of describe them sir. However I believe we can modify our shields to disperse some of the impact of those torpedoes. It may not be much sir but it would buy each ship a few more hits potentially.

Data as far as the temporal rift sir. If they try to open another one I believe an anti-tachyon pulse would be sufficient to close it. I will have to modify our deflector dish to emit such a beam.

Picard Notify our fleet and Gowron to make these shield modifications. Borrow Ensign LaForge and head down to deflector control. His service record indicates advanced engineering knowledge and skills.

Picard Lt. Yar open a channel to the entire fleet. Attention all ships this is Captain Picard. Our operations officer has sent you a modification that will help greatly increase your shields longetivity. We must destroy all 20 of these advanced Klingon Cruisers at all costs. We will have a Klingon fleet join us shortly after the battle begins do not fire on these Klingon ships. They are our allies. We may suffer some causalities but all of our futures depend on us winning this battle. Good Luck. Picard Out!

Picard Mr.Worf take the conn.

Worf Aye Sir

Riker Lt. Yar run a weapon systems check to make sure we are fully operational on that front.

Lt. Yar All Torpedo banks and phasers are fully operational.

Picard Mr. Worf continue on course for Quonos warp 9. Engage.

The fleet continues on and we hear lots of sonic booms.

Korath is back aboard his ship.

Klingon Officer Sir the Federation fleet is almost here.

Korath are our ships ready?

Klingon Officer Yes Sir

Korath Have them obliterate the Federation fleet. Prepare the device to open another temporal rift. Target these spatial and temporal coordinates.
Data and Geordi head back to the bridge. They report modifications complete.

Picard great work. Take your stations.

Yar The rest of the fleet has reported modifications complete.

Geordi now approaching Quonos captain.

Picard Drop Out Of Warp

Riker Red Alert Shields up. Arm Weapons.

The best space battle on a Trek screen takes place. So here is most of it without writing a full book.

15 Federation and 6 D-9 Cruisers are destroyed in the opening exchange. The Klingon fleet The Enterprise is damaged somewhat warp drive is offline. Bridge Mr Argyle is dead.

Picard Mr. LaForge get down to engineering and take charge. Mr. Worf take the conn.

Gowron and his about 10 of his men beam into council chambers.

Side Note: Most of Koraths crew are on board the 20 D-9 cruisers. All of the 26th century Klingons that were on the planet¿s surface are killed. Some of Gowron¿s men are as well.

Gowron approaches Monak.

Monak Who are you?

Gowron I am the one who will send you to your shallow grave. Another great bat¿leth battle ensues with Gowron winning and spitting on Monak¿s dead body in disgrace.

Gowron You die without honor.

Back to the battle. The Klingon fleet decloaks and helps finish off the remaining 20 D-9 cruisers. Only 3 Federation ships and a handful of Gowron¿s fleet remain. In the meantime¿

Data Sir Korath is opening a temporal rift.

Picard Mr. LaForge follow that ship. He must not be allowed to make it through. Mr. Data are we in range yet?

Data Almost sir. Korath¿s ship is crossing the threshold of the rift.

Picard Now Mr. Data

Data Anti-Tachyon Pulse online now sir.

Korath what is happening?

Klingon Officer The rift is closing on our ship. We are only halfway through it. If we cannot get the whole ship through.

Korath Today is a good day to die! He closes his eyes as the ship explodes.

Data The core of the Klingon ship along with the energy from the temporal rift has created an exponentially larger shockwave.

Picard Mr. LaForge I need warp drive online now. Mr Worf come about prepare to go to warp.

Mr. Worf still no warp drive yet sir. At full impulse speed.

Picard Mr. LaForge now.

Mr. Worf Warp Speed Now Sir!

Gowron hails the Enterprise from Quonos.

Gowron Picard you and the Federation have done a great service to the Klingon empire. Both our peoples lost so many brave warriors to preserve our futures. I am too be named chancellor tomorrow and you have my word relations between our peoples will continue to become stronger.

Picard I look forward to it Chancellor. Screen Off!

Picard Continue on course for Earth. Picard addresses the bridge crew. I am very proud of the way we handled such grave circumstances when we all just met. I have a feeling this is going to become a very fine crew.

Troi Thank you sir. I sense the entire crew feels the same way.

Picard Dr. Crusher Report.

Crusher We have about 100 wounded crew and 15 dead. But we have it under control down here.

Picard Mr. LaForge may I see you in my ready room.

LaForge Yes sir.

Picard I am very impressed with the way you handled things in engineering you saved the ship.

LaForge Just doing my duty sir.

Picard Well how would you like your duties to include chief engineer of a new galaxy class starship?

LaForge Smiles and says yes sir certainly.

Picard I hereby grant you a promotion to the rank of full lieutenant. Take care of my ship Mr. LaForge.

LaForge I thought you said it was mine sir. Laughs. Just Kidding Sorry Sir!

Picard Dismissed.

The crew enjoys shore leave for 2 weeks while the Enterprise is being repaired. After repairs the crew is leaving drydock. We see the bridge crew seated in the following manner. Picard captain¿s chair, Riker to his right, Troi to his left, Beverly Crusher to Troi¿s left, Data ops, Worf conn, Yar tactical, LaForge engineering station.

Picard Number One are all systems ready?

Riker I did the final inspection myself sir.

Picard Let¿s see what¿s out there! Engage!

Picard does space the final frontier outro.

This would be the crews ranks, ages, and positions in this new movie just as a reference point.

Picard 54 Capt Commanding Officer
Riker 24 Lt Cmdr First Officer
Worf  19 Ensign Bridge Officer Nightwatch Mans Science Station On Alpha Shift Backup For All Other Bridge Stations if needed.
Geordi 24 Ensign Conn Officer
Yar Lt JG Tactical Officer Security Chief
Crusher 35 Lt Cmdr Chief Medical Officer
Troi 23 Lt Chief Psychologist
Data 21 Lt Second Officer Science Officer Operations Officer

Casting Anyone on these boards want to cast this movie for me?

Beverly Crusher
Lt. Cmdr. Argyle from TNG¿s 1st season
Wesley Crusher 10 years old
Admiral Brill Starfleet Admiral
Rear Admiral Jonas Starfleet Security
Lt. Jack Crusher (Stargazer)
Commander Stinson (Stargazer)
Captain Chase (Enterprise-I)
Lt. Markson (Enterprise-I)
Ensign T-Rella Romulan In Starfleet (Enterprise-I)
Tons of extra Klingons


26th Century

Transwarp Federation and Klingons both have it. It is like the Voth transwarp not Borg style conduits. Warp 20 is actually infinite speed (the new warp 10) with the Federation being able to reach a maximum of Warp 15 (Travel across Milky Way galaxy in a straight line from one end to the other in about a month)

Klingons maximum transwarp is 13

Standard weapons on Federation starships in 26th century are Transphasic Torpedoes Mark 2 and higher yield pulse phasers (like the defiant¿s) No more straight line phasers by this time.

Klingons have Transphasic Torpedoes Mark 1 like the ones in Voyager. They have higher yield disrupters as well.

Koraths ship is the only one that has temporal torpedoes. He only has about 50 of them made. They can travel forward or backward in time up to 5 seconds. They are not as easy to control as other torpedoes therefore they hit their target about 60 percent of the time. They have a yield slightly higher than photon torpedoes but lower than quantum torpedoes. The Federation does not have these as these are a new weapon created by Korath.

26th century Klingon hand disrupter slightly shorter than the 24th century counterpart. Looks somewhat the same but upon impact of it¿s target it emits some residual energy that can stun and possibly kill someone else next to the target up to 5 feet away.

Deleted Scenes

A scene with Troi in Riker¿s quarters. I will just say their relationship is full on in this timeline. Deanna mentions to Will Riker about how her mother Lwaxana really likes him and thinks he would make a great son-in-law. Riker rolls his eyes.

A scene with Data in his quarters doing research on the human fascination with owning lower lifeforms as pets. Will Riker comes to Data¿s quarters to meet his second officer and they talk about a machine owning a pet. It¿s just a get to know you scene.


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