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Why was Enterprise hated by fans?


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Quote: Camorite @ Mar. 24 2011, 4:00 pm


>I still don't see how it would make most all of them rude. Sorry.

>well Vulcans were always a bit stuck up and oversure of themselves. often times that could come off as rude to people that don't really know them. to be honest i never saw Rudeness in the Vulcans on Enterprise, only that stuckup superior attitude that i mentioned earlier.



Well, I guess I should have said stuck-up, I tend to associate it with being rude. But it just appeared to be more pronounced in this series.

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yes and the reasons behind that is becuase of the fact that they looked down on humanity as an inferior race that was moving to fast for their own good. In fact Savol himself admitted that the vulcans were afraid of humanity becuase of the fact that they remined the vulcans of thmeselves.

it wasn't until Archer helped to find the Kirshara and helped to prove that humanity was in fact equal to the vulcans that things began to change. well that long with the fact that the corruption at the highest levels of the VHC was finally revieled.


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I felt that Enterprise ruined the mystery of TOS. 

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