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Who got you into Star Trek


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I am new here so sorry if this has been posted before.

With me it was my dad.
I remember watching it on Saturday mornings ( mom at the haid dressers). or Sunday afternoons ( mom having a nap).

My dad had some sci fi books hidden and my mom freaked when she found them. I was raised Baptist so to her it was like finding the devil sitting on the sofa.  :eyesroll:

Then TNG came on. My dad sat us down to watch it ( my mom had choir practice these nights lol, sneaky bugger) and my sister and I fell in love. The rest is history. Now I love Sci Fi.

So by the time she found out we were hooked and it was 3 against 1. She eventually let it go.


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The crew of the Starship Enterprise got me into it. I started watching TOS when it first aired and fell in love with it and the crew.  

I just finished watching the first season on DVD for the first time in many, many years. It's still as good as I remember.


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I got into it, in the '70s, because my two older brothers watched it.


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My dad's a trekkie, and when he'd watch it at night when I was little on tv, and my mom wouldn't let me watch it, so when I got a little older I'd watch it with him whenever it was on.


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I actually got into it when we first got cable back in the '80s.  There were reruns of TAS on Nickelodeon, I believe, and those were some good days watching that.  I did get into watching TOS reruns, and I did tolerate TNG a little bit when that first came on the air, but after the first couple of seasons, I lost interest in Trek for a while.  However, I recently got back into it when UPN came to Cleveland airwaves on WUAB, because it always aired on Friday nights, iirc.  Can't remember the day it aired that well now...  It's been too long since Voyager and Enterprise, and all those.


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I got into it in the early 70s when we got cable.


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My brother. We couldn't get the station that played the TOS reruns to come in on our antenna (In the days before cable, you had this metal christmas tree looking thing on your roof to catch the TV signal). When I was about 12, he introduced me to the ST novels from Pocketbooks. I was hooked.


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My sister married a Trekkie, and I started watching the show/reading the books to have a point of connection with each other.  Little did I know that this brief flirtation with Trek would take on a life of its own.   ;)


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When TOS came out on VHS back in the mid80's my Mom got me started with "Charlie X". That's all it took. 25 years later....


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My dad got me into it too. Happy father's day dad! :rookie:


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It must have been CBS television in 1966 when I was 14 years old.


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both my parents got me into it. but i only watched TNG. i have become a fan of TOS since i saw the new movie.


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Some of us choose to avoid the galactic riffraff over at the Ten Forward board. Thank God the posts there have an option to be reported to a moderator!


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Astronomy and ST:Voyager


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I gradually got into it on my own. I always watched TOS in reruns when I was youger and always liked Star Trek, but can't say I became a bonafide Trekkie until after college.

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