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How many degrees of separation?


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I just watched "Second Skin" from Season 2 (1994) and was quite intrigued by Entek, the Cardassian member of the Obsidian Order trying to manipulate Major Kira. Something about him seemed familiar -- like I'd seen his portrayer, Gregory Sierra, somewhere before. So I looked Sierra up in the imdb and saw that he appeared on MacGyver three times, including in "The Gauntlet," in Season 1, which I have on DVD. (So then I watched, "The Gauntlet"; Sierra was better in "Second Skin," in my opinion.)

Nana Visitor also appeared in MacGyver's first season (1985) -- "Hellfire."

What other memorable guest appearances stick out in your minds?


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Sierra was a regular cast member in Barney Miller for 35 episodes, and a repeating secondary character on Sanford and Son for 12 episodes

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