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Picard's Bad Attitude Towards Q


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Wow! A thread from the past. I think that Q liked that about Jean-Luc. A mere mortal that stood up to him, considering that he was all powerful. Q really pushed the boundaries with Picard to see if he would do the right or wrong thing. Q's experiment,and curiosity to stop the boredom of being a Q, from my perspective

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.

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One of my favorite TNG moments was in AGT when Data said Q always regarded Picard as a beloved pet. Picard's face was priceless.


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Quote: thereR4lights @ Jun. 20 2009, 1:23 am

two words

the borg.......

i think picard might be a little upset

Agreed........... The Borg didn't need to be introduced to the Federation until later, right? Yeah, that would've made me a little wary of Q, also.

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Quote: SheherazadeQ @ Jun. 19 2009, 2:20 pm

Does anyone else feel like Picard was excessively short with Q? I mean yeah, Q was really obnoxious and did some really retarded things, but over half the things that Picard says to Q are "get off my ship" "get off my bridge" and the like; and Picard seems not to realize that Q doesn't respond to that- If he would have been less petulant, some of the things might not have happened, such as in Qpid- if Picard had just said "your gift to me can be leaving the Enterprise forever" or even "I would like socks" instead of refusing to listen to Q and ordering him off the ship, the whole Robin Hood deal might not have happened. Granted it would not have been as fun, but there you go.

Please feel free to agree or disagree.

I agree. Im not saying it was wrong, but he wasn't being very diplomatic to start with. It doesnt seem consistent with his attitude on other occasions either. He hates Q so much. Although in the early episodes he is also exception hard on young Mr. Crusher.

- Toukisarchu

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