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Why would it be bad getting beamed in a red shirt?


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What creatively witty (G rated, or R rated) serious or humorous reasons, do think it'd be a bad idea to get beamed (via a transporter) onto anywhere (from a Star Trek ship) in a red colored only Starfleet shirt ?


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well I'm sure everyone in the galaxy knows that red shirts are security officers therefore the ones that present the most threat and must be taken out first. This is my opinion. However they're the ones that fall into the traps that allow the others to see and be ready for.


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It's a "Red rag to a bull" scenario, I reckon. Simple stimulus response. :p  ;)


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The reason that the redshirts get hit first is because red is one of the most fatigue-ing colors for the eye, as well as the most noticable. Furthermore, the redshirts *always* get vaporized. It's like the law of gravity. :rookie:

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