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Favorite Klingon Episode


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"Errand of Mercy" is fantastic.  I love when Kirk tells the Organians they have no right to interfere in Federation/Klingon matters.

Kirk: We have the right-
Ayelborne: To make war, Captain?  

It's not often Kirk is put in place, and the look on his face when he realizes the Organians won't let them fight across the galaxy.


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Of the ones listed, I voted 'Way of the Warrior'.

'Blood Oath' and 'Barge of the Dead' are also favorites...


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ENT "Affliction/Divergence", TOS "Day of the Dove" and TNG "Sins of the Father." Also enjoyed TNG "A Matter of Honor" and VOY "Barge of the Dead."

Least favorite one goes to TNG "Heart of Glory."


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Definitely Way of the Warrior.


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Other - Barge of the Dead


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Once More Onto the Breach stands as my favorite not the least because it showed the Empire as its people see themselves not the way the humans did and it was a sublime story of the redemption of Kor.


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Errand of Mercy :honorable:


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the trouble with tribbles


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Redemption (especially with Sela revealing herself, that to me was the biggest shocker of all Star Trek's)


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I like the episode where worf had his back broken.


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It has to be The Trouble With Tribbles...... Klingons plus japes equals great!


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Sins of the Father. It's wonderfully written, and every actor is superb. Plus, from this point on, Worf's character is really developed.

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