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Top 3 Voy characters???


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My top 3 are:

1: Janeway - Cos shes quick thinking & caring, also her facial expressions & her different hairstyles!!!!

2: The Doctor - Well hes absolutely hilerious for a start, his signature quote 'Im a doctor not a....', and his general sarcasim overall!!!

3: 7 of 9 - Beauty, brains & her lack of humor, she is one woman you wouldnt mess with!!!

What wud ye say???[B][/B][B][I]


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1.  The Doctor - He was consistently the most interesting character with the best episodes.  I loved his "bedside manner" and the fact that he was a Renaissance man with a wide variety of interests.  And nobody had better character development than him over the span of the seven seasons.

2.  Captain Janeway - A wonderful character brought to life with great passion by Kate Mulgrew.  In the early seasons she was like a stern schoolteacher, a powerful authority figure one could be inspired by and look up to.  She was a woman of science, an explorer, and best of all, a risk-taker.

3.  Kes - "Oh brave new world that hath such creatures in it!"  Kes was a charming individual who lit up the screen every scene she was in.  She was an explorer, a rebel, and a non-conformist who dared to challenge her people, the Ocampa, when they became too dependant on the Caretaker.


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1) The Doctor, cos he's sarcastic and not afraid to speak his mind.

2) Kes, cos she's sooooo cute and I love her.

3) The Borg Queen, cos she's so sensual.

Other than those, the rest are ok I guess.



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Top charactors and best actors are two different things, although Janeway is both.

As far as top charactors, that'd be Janeway and Chakotay. Who's third? ..there is none.

The rest are background actors ..which is fine, but thats what they were.


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1. The Doctor  - Great Character with loads of depth , great writing and acting..Probably one of the best characters in all trek IMO

2. Seven Of Nine - See Above , all around great .

3. Captain Janeway- Really connected with her from the start and i admore Kate Mulgrew a great deal , shes a brilliant role model for young women.

Close contenders in Kes and Tuvok because i love both of thier characters too and how the actors played them , especially tim russ perfection.


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chakotay, seven  my third is a toss up between tuvok and neelix.


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The Doctor - He was a great character and they developed him well throughout the series.
Seven - She was hot, what else do you need?
Janeway - She kicked butt.


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Neelix, B'Elanna, Tom, some of the most complex and interesting characters in all of Trek


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1 - The Doctor
2 - 7 of 9
3 - Neelix


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I would like to change my answer. I can't pick three characters. The top characters for me are, Neelix, B'Elanna, Tom, Janeway, Seven, Icheb, The Doctor, Naomi, Tuvok


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I really like all the characters but my top 3 are:

1. Kes

2. Chakotay

3. Janeway


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1. Chakotay
2. B`Elanna
3. Janeway


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I liked almost all the character in Voyager, I really felt they were the best developed in all the ST shows. But these three are my favorites.

1. B'Ellana Torres - My favorite ST character period. She was smart, pretty, and tough but also had those human (for lack of a better word) flaws that made her a complex and engaging character for me.

2. Paris - He was very good at his job, he had some of the funniest lines and a roughish quality to his character that made me like him. Seemed like someone that would be fun to hang out with for a couple beers. He also had some inner daemons that gave him those flaws I like in characters

3. The Doctor - The character that IMO showed the greatest growth in the show, he sometimes could be a pain in the butt, but he also came across to me as likable and fun to watch develop.

My next two honorable mentions would be Janeway and Seven.

I like characters that are flawed but still come across as likable.


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Chakotay- He got me first hooked on Star Trek.

The Doctor- As already mentioned he is hilarious in some parts and also deals with some important themes.

7 of 9- She is just hot.


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They're all fantastic ...I like each one best, depending on the episode.

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