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Hello there!

The Federation Sim Fleet is a Role-Playing Gaming organization in existence since 1993 and provides games in different genres such as Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Firefly and many more and includes a wide array of online discussion forums on our message boards.

Our website is  - feel free to enter and look around.

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you join us in our on-line fun! Below is some information on just one of our great games, that sims within the sub-fleet SpaceFleet On-Line (SFOL), you can learn more about the SpaceFleet from our website,

Star Trek: Aquarius
The year is 2359, four years before the launch of the Enterprise-D, five years before renewed contact with the Romulan Star Empire, and six years prior to first contact with the Borg Collective.

Aquarius' mission has been one of negotiation and diplomacy, scientific research and study, and peaceful colonial construction. However, our ongoing discoveries and trading of knowledge with both the Gorn Hegemony and the Tholian Assembly have hinted that there is more work than ambassadors alone can handle.

Rated: MA
Forum content rated: PG-13

Sim Summary: (May 2009):

Aquarius had been rerouted near Breen space to assist local authorities with a plague outbreak and investigate several mysterious explosions of cargo convoys. A small away team consisting of the first officer and medical beamed down to deal with the plague outbreak.

Meanwhile Aquarius headed to rendezvous with SS Nikola, an ore freighter. Science, Tactical and Engineering proposed a sensor net to scan the area in the vacinity of the freighter while a demo team searched the ship for explosives.

As the demo team finished a near fruitless search, the ship suddenly exploded, killing all aboard the Nikolas, including 16 Aquarius personnel. A full investigation of the wreckage is underway.

After some work, science and engineering discovered a low frequency pulse emanating from an unclaimed area of space near Breen space. Aquarius and a small fleet under their command investigated. What they found was most disturbing -- a Tzenkethi base.

A battle ensued, the result was the destruction of the base, but the Tzentheki escaped, and several ships in the fleet, including Aquarius were heavily damaged. The USS Carthage and Meiji towed Aquarius back to Komai where they were to meet with a tug to tow them back to dry dock so that major repair work could be complete.

On Komai, researchers led by Doctor Nidari found an anti-viral and vaccine for the plague. However, they'd made a startling discovery -- the virus was an engineered strain. Work began to find out who was behind it as Aquarius, Meiji and Carthage assisted in distributing vaccines and anti-viral agents.

More Information: Aquarius is a chat-based game that runs every Wednesday at 11 PM EST in the IRC room, #Aquarius. For more information, contact either FSF Nefarious ( or FSF Eris (

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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