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Rank DS9 seasons

Fabled Warrior

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I didn’t like the episodes/season where Sisco kept slipping between realities.

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What's with all the hate towards season 7? I think it's one of the best (if not the best).

It managed to wrap everything up, while still having some great stories. Plus, it had Ezri!


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I really like season 7 too. I'm not a huge fan of long story arcs but I really like the ongoing story about the cardassian uprising and Gul Damar being awesome!

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Matthias Russell

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I would have to rate them straight backwards, season 7 best down till season 1, worst.


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7, 6, 3, 5, 4, 2, 1. I just recently finished watching DS9 (plus the other series). Season 7 had a great collection of episodes, however my actual favourite episode is in Season 2, "The Wire". I love Garak episodes, they're always riddled with deception and trickery. Garak is by far the best Guest Star character in the whole Star Trek franchise.


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4,5,6 were the apex of the series.   I give season 1 the benefit of the doubt as your still trying to establish what works with characters, so I would still rate Season 1 over Season 7 which stalled until the last 10 or so episodes.


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It's tough since there are soo many good episodes intermixed with regular ol episodes. The wire is by far one of my fav episodes (garak rules) also waltz.....


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hi fellow niners

mine are


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