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If you were a Star Trek character, what color...


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I'd wear something like Deanna's costume, something super formfitting but nice. Not a traditional uniform, probably in purple or a nice dark red.


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Gold Shirt (TOS), I'd like to be a Navigator.


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If my life thus far is any indicator, I'd be the 24th century equivalent of a middle-management nobody who probably wouldn't ever make it past Lieutenant... :D


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I'd probably go vintage with the blue NX-01 Enterprise jumpsuit with the yellow shoulder stripes myself. ¿:D


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Blue. I'm a science teacher.


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I'm with MarmaladeSkies, the TOS gold shirt is awesome; but i'd be more partial to the greeny-gold long sleeved crossover. :D


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Blue/Black For 29th centruy command division uniforms


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Quote (JoeMoncoBlondie @ June 02 2009, 10:07 pm)
only green shirt i remember was that sorta greenish one kirk wore every other episode...

1960's avocado green....popular colour for appliances and Starfleet Captain's clothing. Only Kirk could pull it off and it looked great on him, before he blew up to the size of a Hutt.


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Monster Maroon. JLP's red jacket and JTK's maroon colored jackets looked cool too.


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As for me I like both gold and blue from TOS and red & black command from TNG. I know I probbley  wouldn't want all the reponsabillty like the captains, so I go for blue like Spock!:logical:


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I chose black because I'm secretly an operative of Section 31. The black undershirt has a small silver shimmering star fleet insignia on the back. mmmm...tasty


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Either Science Blue or Engineering Gold.

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Whatever color command personnel are wearing. Since I prefer the "First Contact" uniforms - Black with grey & red.


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Gold for Engineering or Blue for Science.

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Blue. I'm a Physics/English double major in college, but I would pick Physics if I worked on a starship.

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