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Jeremy, jeffery..  makes no never mind to me.. but god Grow up and realize when your not wanted. and stop blaming other things for your own faults. its childish...

btw John .. Awesome job :)


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Delphi, Kayzek, whatever you want us to call you, I know from experience that you have been banned from at least 5 RP's, you have a permanent ban in AlphaOmega 113, you have enemies in the RPing community, me being one of them thanks to a nasty little email you sent me. I am an adviser in a few fleets that just need your IP before they promise a full ban.  This little spat has not surprised me in the least. You claimed to have deleted me before the Stonehenge launched, well I am coming back now. And Starbase commander, I could really use that IP address if you so kindly would. Stop launching attacks on RP's that made you mad it solves nothing except ruining your reputation. I plead with you to stop this now before you act in an irrational way that you will later regret.


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I am the XO of the Stone. This all stems from Him not attending a MANDATORY Senior Staff meeting. I called him to my office and started to lay into him for it, when I find out tht he was getting a Cat from a Sealed Engineering section. He claimed that NO ONE could go and get the cat instead. His Engineering Staff could not be trusted in the Engines, cause he was the one that designed the #### ship supposedly. Here is a thought for that  next time...Use a NPC ran by YOU!

I think his main problem was that he was serving under two women, and that he was getting his ass handed to him by a WOMAN.. Yeah I said it. And that the entire Admin Trio was nothing but Women from the ship....


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Ok...I was seriously not going to respond to this again. But HOLD THE F UP! You think I have a probably with serving under women? Any half brained moron here knows that I served extensively on numerous simms and even as Marine Commandant of Amy Hondo's SFCIS. And as she will happily tell you. She has laid into me on numerous occasions and we are still personal friends.  So next time you feel like throwing accusations around, do your frakking homework first!

SB101...I could care less if youre an advisor to the King of Egypt. I dont usually simm in fleets as a matter of principle as it usually leads to the crews being used for the advancement of the fleet. Which any member of Valiant or Luna Fleets can wholeheartedly tell you I fought tooth and nail for the crews in those fleets.

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