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7 out of 10 trekkies agree


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Just thought I'd remind everyone.


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Quote (UssJamesTKirk1701A @ June 01 2009, 5:03 pm)
Quote (Yanks @ June 01 2009, 1:27 pm)
Quote (UssJamesTKirk1701A @ June 01 2009, 5:04 am)
Quote (Yanks @ May 31 2009, 3:24 pm)
Quote (Vice_Adm_Baxter @ May 31 2009, 3:19 pm)
Quote (Yanks @ May 31 2009, 12:16 pm)
Quote (Vice_Adm_Baxter @ May 31 2009, 1:32 pm)
Quote (Yanks @ May 31 2009, 9:56 am)
^^ OFT?

QFT my typo LOL


"QFT" ????


LOL I stepped into that one as well ! ?:laugh: ?:laugh:

QFT= Quoted For Truth. ?:p

Oh, sorry you feel that way...

Don't feel sorry for him, feel sorry for our poor country that that idiot left in ruins.

That's just plain horse$hit...

Oh Yeah?

Then explain the state of our economy.

Explain the incompetent manner in which we waged a war of choice.

Explain why we went to war with the wrong country and why now they're poised to topple another country with nuclear weapons.

Go ahead, explain that. Because George W. Bush did such a good job. I"ll even make it easy for you, please name one thing Bush did right.

Snap out of it. Democrat controlled congress since 2006, fighting any and all regulation on the Fannie May's and Fredie Mac's (Bawney Fwank's babies), to blame one man is idiotic in the extreme. Anhd under the new prez, it's just gotten worse. I'm done with this political doesn't belong here.


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The new movie was great.


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Quote (NuclearWessels @ May 25 2009, 7:06 pm)
Rate the new Star Trek movie
* 10 + Best Trek movie ever (42%)
* 10 (but not ?best?) (26%)
* 9 (13%)
* 8 (8%)
* 7 (4%)
* 6 (2%)
* 5 (1%)
* 4 (1%)
* 3 (1%)
* 2 (1%)
* 1 (2%)
Total Votes: 3380
Rate J.J. Abrams's STAR TREK!
(5) Five Stars 63.78 % (1273 votes)
(4) Four Stars 23.15 % (462 votes)
(3) Three Stars 6.41 % (128 votes)
(2) Two Stars 2.35 % (47 votes)
(1) One Star 4.31 % (86 votes)
1996 total votes

I am sorry, NuclearWessels, but this does not hold much water, since it comes from two Trek-oriented sites and is, therefore, biased. On the other hand, the statistics that you quoted from BoxOfficeMojo make better sense, since they come from a neutral and impartial source.


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Quote (thereR4lights @ May 25 2009, 1:25 am)
well, im a trekie and i loved the movie, i still dont see why so many people on this board hate it. ¿i saw it for the third time last nite.... the movie f#$#$in rocks.
count me as one of the seven out of ten

I agree with you as well! I love the movie too,and I have been a Star Trek fan way long before this movie came out. I love all of the shows except DS9 and I love all of the movies except for Star Trek The Motion Picture. But I see nothing wrong the new movie, I think its awsome! I have seen it about 6 times, and I'm excited thats its coming out to dvd later this year! Because then I can watch it as many times as I  want. So count me in as Trekie who loves this movie too!


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The new movie ROCK!!

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