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Alternate realities


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Quote (The_Corbomite_Maneuver_Man @ July 11 2009, 5:21 am)
In an alternate reality, we're all KIRK. Perfect, awesome and hot.

to paraphrase Syndrome in "The Incredibles",

in an alternate reality where EVERYONE is "Kirk", then NO ONE will be "Kirk"


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Quote (loveroftrekmen @ May 16 2009 @ 12:50 am)
I think it's insulting to old trek fans to try and stay in a used up timeline when we can start something fresh to explore a new love for the show, new connections, and new relations to our loved universe of Trek.

What's "new" in showing Kirk, Spock, etc?


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Quote (anderbilt @ July 03 2009, 11:37 am)
When she had snapped back to old life after her first tour of the universe, Christine was aware she already was dissatisfied with being the daughter of Spock and T'Pring, not to mention being one of twelve simultaneously-born Vulcan children thanks to T'Pring's reproductive augmentation. ¿ Now here she was again, sharing a totally different existence in a past life on Earth, and as she settled into the girl's memories, it dawned on her that the girl Georgia was as miasmic and non-corporial as she herself was. ¿ In fact, the choice of plunging to the planet as a piece of discarded porcelain had the unfortunate consequence of bringing her to a new kind of life. ¿
She found herself much more interested in Leonard, and as Georgia lamented her new life as a Reaper, Chapel found herself more and more drawn to his resemblance to the love of her life; she found the same hints of inner richness and conflict along with personal intensity in his eyes, and the same rugged handsome face, but embellished with the freedom and lightness of the expression of human joy. ¿It made her love and long for the man of her dreams even more. ¿ Yet here she was, about to reclaim a post-demise earthly career harvesting the souls of others. ¿Life wasn't fair in any dimension.

I am getting back into this somehow, some way

To her chagrin Christine/Georgia discovered that when Leonard asked her out for coffee, it was to give her the first of her reaper assignments. Still, she  dallied over her tea and toast, relishing even this small moment of aloneness with the wonderfully intense Leonard, whose hand she carelessly brushed as she reached for the butter. But he did not seem to notice, busy as he was with a flurry of post-it notes, which he now gathered as he rose to leave.

"Now you have your new identity and the time and place of your reap?"

She nodded, slightly fluttering her eyelashes.

"Good," he said, and rewarded her with a brief smile as he left the Krazy Kup Kafe.

Sighing as Leonard disappeared through the revolving doors, Christine/Georgia was on her way.

She spied her first client on a street corner in Los Angeles. A round well past middle aged man in a cream colored sports coats vainly trying to gain the attention of a winsome blonde maned lass of no more than 20. At that moment, Christine/Georgia spied two events: The first was a gang of thugs making for the extremely expensive Berkin bag the winsome lass was dragging on the dirty LA sidewalk, and the gremlin scurrying alone the gutter. Quickly, Christine/Georgia touched the portly gentleman just as he attempted a poorly timed drop kick, which missed the thugs, but which was enough to send him careening into traffic where he was nailed by a passing ice cream truck.

"What was that?" exclaimed the man, looking at his ruined remains.

"I'm sorry," said Christine/Georgia, "but your time was up. You have to move into the light."

"What time? What light?" asked the man.

"Your time. It's up."

"I think not," said the man. "I believe you have made an error." And then looking at his ruined remains, "A terrible error."

"But aren't you WS and isn't this Hollywood and Vine?"

"I am William Shatner, star of stage, screen, television and comic book conventions, but this is not Hollywood and Vine."

"Oh dear," said Christine/Georgia.

"I'd say," said Leonard, who suddenly materialized on the scene.

"Leonard?" said the man.

"Bill?" said Leonard

"What?" said Christine/Georgia

"Bill, you've been reaped." said Leonard

"Reaped?" said Bill

"In error," said Leonard.

"I'd say," said Bill.

"Oh my," said Christine/Georgia.


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Meanwhile, Leonard is dealing with his recalcitrant Bill who is obsessing about nonessentials such as cell phones, credit cards, and travel company contracts.

"I don't think you have firm grasp of the complexities that confront us," Leonard said.

"Firm grasp? All I know is that I was crossing the street minding my business when that hair-brained lunatic you claim is your trainee brushed against me and splat I'm a stain on the street, a before my time stain on the street. I think I have fairly good grasp of the complexities that confront us," Shatner fumed.

The two of them stood morosely on the street corner, watching as Streets and Sanitation scooped up what was left of William Shatner.

"I don't suppose you'd consider living the rest of your days in the body of another," Leonard ventured.

"Depends on the body," Bill replied.

"Well, the last time I tried it, I came out in a whole new universe, and  you were Chris Pine," Leonard offered.

"Was he any good as me?"


"Then why would I want to be Chris Pine?" Bill asked.

"Think of it, being a younger you doubles your chances of winning an Emmy or an Oscar." Leonard offered.

"You said he wasn't very good," Bill repeated.

"But you..."

"No no no.," Bill interjected. "I've seen this movie and I know how it ends. Chris Pine does not become me, I become Chris Pine and if he wasn't good as me now, he won't be good as me later. Spock, er, Leonard, you have to do that slingshot around the sun thing, in our time," Bill said.

"Yes, well, there is a problem," Leonard offered.


"A big problem," Leonard said.

"How big of a problem." Bill asked.

"We need a starship," Leonard replied, adding "captain," under his breath and not without some resentment.


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Meanwhile, Nurse Chapel, fresh from her own turn in time/mind travel is resting quietly in the medical unit when McCoy bursts in with the news that the captain is back but doesn't seem quite himself.

"You deal with it," the supine Nurse Chapel intoned from her place on the medical cot. "I ain't going there no how, no why for no reason."

"I hear that Spock is with him," the good doctor said McCoyly.

"Just shoot me in the head," Nurse Chapel said, drawing the sheet over her face.

Meanwhile, back on earth Georgia/Christine remains on that Los Angeles street corner at the sport where Leonard and Bill used to be and where now there was nothing, not even a grease spot.  She assumed that Bill went into the light, but why did he take Leonard with him and was there someway for Georgia/Christine to follow?


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Interesting concepts every one~ :cool:


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as Butthead used to say 'i need some quiet time now'.....


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WTF is all this crap???


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See my post titled "Who would make the best villain in the next movie"? I suggested a story line whereby the evil Empress Sato from the mirror universe in "Enterprise" (22nd century) trying to capture Kirk's enterprise in the 23rd century, thereby consolidating her authority.


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Quote (Trekker96815 @ Nov. 20 2009, 9:32 pm)
See my post titled "Who would make the best villain in the next movie"? I suggested a story line whereby the evil Empress Sato from the mirror universe in "Enterprise" (22nd century) trying to capture Kirk's enterprise in the 23rd century, thereby consolidating her authority.

I doubt they would include any Enterprise characters in the next movie since most of the general public has never heard of Enterprise. They did Trek this way so know one would have to know anything about the previous Treks. I know they mentioned Admiral Archer and Prothos but the general public who saw the movie though he was just a normal Starfleet Admiral and he had a dog.


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I'd like an honest answer.  Has anything actually occurred in the Star Trek (2009) movie that altered the tv/movie franchise?


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After reading the Book "Q Squared" I have never had any trouble with alternatinative realities.


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Quote (TheChronicOne @ Dec. 31 2009, 9:38 pm)
Quote (DeanEvans @ Dec. 21 2009, 5:28 pm)
I'd like an honest answer. ?Has anything actually occurred in the Star Trek (2009) movie that altered the tv/movie franchise?

Yes, Vulcan being destroyed, for one.

Right from the start there are subtle changes...

But it's not really a matter of altering the tv/movie franchise. It's a completely new universe. As a result, whatever happens in STXI and the sequels will be slightly different from what happened in TOS and the movies.

"The alternate reality was the parallel universe caused by a red matter black hole created by Spock in 2387 to consume the supernova that destroyed Romulus. Nero travelled through the black hole in the Narada back in time to 2233, where he destroyed the USS Kelvin, killing George Kirk and Richard Robau. Spock arrived in the alternate reality in 2258 and was captured by Nero, who used the red matter to destroy Vulcan. However, Nero's attacks united the crew of this reality's USS Enterprise years earlier, to foil his attempt to destroy Earth."

"The alternate reality runs parallel to the prime reality as a new quantum reality. The prime reality is where many of the events seen in the Star Trek universe have occurred and, according to Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, their film allows the prime reality to continue.[1]

Star Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci in a post on Ain't It Cool News [2], Director J.J. Abrams in an interview with MTV [3], and, again, Orci in an interview with Star Trek Magazine, [4] gave the reason why technology in the alternate reality is more advanced than it is during the same period in the prime reality: Scans of the 24th century Narada, taken by the Kelvin, were brought back by the survivors on the shuttles. This led to the technological advancements not seen in the prime reality."

-- Memory Alpha

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