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Your favourite TOS reference from the new movie


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How about the ever classic Vulcan nerve pinch?


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Quote (LifePilgrim @ May 14 2009, 1:25 am)
Someone pointed out to me that in the movie when Kirk takes the Kobiashi Maru Test, he is eating an apple. This is a subtle reference to the Wrath of Khan, because when they are discussing the same event in that movie, Admiral Kirk is eating an apple. Sort of cool.

Yep, I noticed this too.

In fact, the entire Kobayashi Maru test was my favorite reference (to STII). I loved how the writers remembered Kirk took it three times. I loved how we saw him cheat. And I loved the lines "one photon each; we don't want to waste ammunition" and "don't worry about it." Ha!

Oh, and I absolutely laughed my @$$ off when we first see Uhura both bored and annoyed, delivering the worst distress call report ever to the "captain."

Great scene.


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I like the fact that Kirk cheated on the test, as mentioned on STII.


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The bit where one of the Romulans (I think its Nero) shouts


Thats a reference to the infamous line from Star Trek II



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