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Did you see the film in IMAX, DLP, or at least HD?


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I bought Trek XI on BluRay and watched it again. Great movie! It's now my favorite movie!


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What movie are you talking about? Star Trek XI?


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I saw it in DLP with awesome sound. I also have a pretty respectable Home Theatre which improved my viewing experience of this move x10. The visual and audio excellence of this movie, however, cannot overcome all the other shortcomings which I have repeatedly stated on this site.


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I saw it in a theatre that had the showing in 35mm reels. I did not do it because I wanted it to be crappy, I wanted it to be good, but I was not going to pay extra for what *I* feel is an almost identical experience. I have ran theatres in the past and have seen some crappy reels, but in the theatre I watched XI in they seemed to have taken care of the print and the movie was clear and the sound effective.

I have also seen it in blu-ray at a friends and on my 80" screen at home on my standard DVD quite a few times (and I only think the movie does not suck). I can tell a difference, but nothing that really improved anything for me, like the content, yet I keep watching it! Content and story mean more to me than majesty. I enjoy the film, or curse it, the same in HD (35mm is HD), Blu-Ray, DVD, or even on my ipod (at least twice).


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I might be chiming in a bit late here, but when it came to seeing Star Trek 2009 for the first time, I saw it here in my home town of Sacramento, in the Esquire IMAX theater. Talk about awesome, powerful, warp speed never looked so good as it does in full IMAX format! And the sound, talk about mega-powerful, when the actors talked, it felt like they were talking about 2 feet in front of my face. The special effects just popped off the screen. Unfortunately for me, about 2 months after the films release, our local IMAX was no longer hosting the film, so I had to go to a Untied Artists movie theater and see it with friends. The theater claimed it was showing the film in true H.D. format, but after my IMAX experience, even their "so called" H.D. looked like "bad H.D."! My friends just about "joy-gasmed" over it, me, I didn't, it was ok, but after an IMAX experience, everything else is just plain!


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I saw it in traditional cinema

That sounds like so much fun!, I don't have any particular traditions I can associate with the pictures, but it's so evocative, do you have uniformed attendants with flashlights? I've always liked the idea of those.

I answered with the acronym that began with 'D', although I probably had some small impact on the veracity of the poll. I am sure I saw it in IMAX, because my friend's BF asked me to there. I was bad to go. I used the 'D' acronym because I supposed that had something to do with Blu-Ray. Mostly I have seen the movie on Blu-Ray with bad sound that still hurt my ears. I know all Jim Kirk's bruises.


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I saw it in a small town theater with a red curtain and golden wall sconces.  Very retro.


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I saw the movie 9 times!! =) Saw in IMAX twice


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When Star Trek premiered I saw it in IMAX and this was a birthday present for my brother so I got two tickets to the IMAX. It was brilliant with the detail and the high deffinition plus the sound. You could not ask for a better movie to put on the IMAX.

Joachim R. Jocson


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I saw it in Blue Ray, iMAX and in a normal theater...I hope Star Trek 12 is in 3D!


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I saw it twice on the IMAX and loved every minute of it.


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The movie was filmed in anamorphic so it is gonna look good no matter how you saw it.  The question is how good?  I saw it on "reel" and then again in IMAX.  The sound was about the same but the visuals definitely made a better impact in imax.

In a mirror, Darkly.


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I watched it in IMAX, then on regular film, then in my living room.
Despite watching it three different times, I didn't like it. I think the execs of Paramount and J.J. Abrams were just out to make a quick buck on Roddenberry's brainstorm.

I will say this - "The actors did make me believe I was watching a younger version of the original cast." Other than that, I have nothing good to say about this movie. I've been watching Star Trek since it orignially came out in 1966 and I've watched every movie and other series. I never liked any of the Mirror Universe Episodes, and this movie was just another TYPE of Mirror Universe that I didn't care for.

Sorry J.J. - This is ONE fan you couldn't get.


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I saw it in IMAX and then in HD a couple times.

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I saw it on Blu-Ray.

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