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who is better kirk,picard,janeway,or all the same


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Quote (WedgeBob @ June 21 2009, 11:59 am)
There was even a comic book series of Star Trek where Chekov was a captain at one point... ¿I believe that was the USS Pacific, but I don't think there was any TV Series named for that, tho. ¿
It was in the Star Trek Gary Seven Collection Volume 3, I think. ¿He seemed pretty cool in that one. ¿Hey, Trek goes beyond what's on TV or in theaters, as you may know.

as much as i love the comics and books

its not canon
trek does not go beyond tv and movies as far as canon is concerned


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captain saavik

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Okay I see you people have not yet matured to know that you cannot compare these three people
first Janeway my personal fav because she manged to get her crew of 153 through the most dangerouse an un-plotted territory in the galixy she had to defet countless men who opposed her the kazon for example who had absolutly no respect for a woman in charge then she had to also intergrate two opposing crews to work together an they were no longer just a crew any more after that she watched over them like any mother of any species would their young
Now picard he was always stuck up becuz he was the diplomate an forgot how to turn off his captain button to b human unless it consernd data or beverly that's also y he didnt get along with children becuz he nvr had a childhood an he nvr learnd how to stop being captain to be a father although with wesley I think he did a quit beautiful job with children he cud not understand y they knew of no order.
Last an least with kirk that whole hit now think later was not a good stratagie but it worked for his time picard nor janeway cud have done that but he cud just like he frequently disobeyd orders an he was still one of the more decurated heros in starfleet although I dont think he deserved anything for the way he handeld things back then so as you can now see all three positions are completly differnt so u cannot compare them becuz ppl lov them for different reasons now im all done lol i really lov it here!!!

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