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Nemesis vs. Star Trek XI


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Quote: satyrquaze @ Nov. 05 2010, 1:06 pm

[quoteI'd argue that TFF was even worse than Nemesis.

The Final Frontier = Bad Movie
Nemesis = Worst movie ever made. Should have been called Nomoreofthis. Nemesis made "Water World" look good.

Taking it Deep Space 9"


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Actually, Nemesis has always been my 3rd favourite Star Trek film.


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Overall, I prefer Star Trek '09 to Nemesis simply because I think it's a finer film - but I do like Nemesis quite a bit, the only problems with it as I see things are Tom Hardy's overacting, the extreme "convenience" of the story events, and the fact that some of the best scenes of the film were cut to serve Baird/Berman's odd agenda of making it as leanly action/adventure as possible while leaving in some of the more ridiculous cheesy scenes (for instance: I'd rather have seen the scene with Picard and Data talking about marriage and the future over seeing Worf drunk at Riker/Troi's wedding). I'll take Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner's acting over anything in Star Trek '09 - but Trek '09 has better cinematography, action, effects, villain, and all-around quality. Still, I have the urge to watch, and have watched, Nemesis more than '09 Trek - and I honestly find it more enjoyable....

So.... What? lol I guess that means I think Trek is a better crafted film but Nemesis gives me more enjoyment, baby.

So, five-card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit....


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Tom Hardy did some great acting in NEMESIS.
Shinzon had an interesting history.
It was the most interesting thing about the movie.
But, they just gave us a quick run-down of it.
For the rest of the movie, he's either raping Troi,
whining about avenging the plight of the Remans,
his disdain for being a clone, and in general,
he just wasted time, in and for the movie. It's a shame,
because the concept was cool, but the execution sucked.
It really needed Jonathan Frakes at the helm.


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Quote: ShatnersHairpieceRepoofed @ Nov. 04 2010, 7:03 pm

>I don't know what is more unbelievable: that there is actually a thread comparing Nemesis to Star Trek 2009,
The people who started these threads throughout this forum were naysayers for the most part.

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