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Do you plan on having children someday?


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With strong belief againist sex before marriage and with fact I can see girl want me. So it unlikley going ever have kids.


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im hoping to find a sorrogate mother to have my child one day


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My partner and I might like to adopt one day.


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I have 2 boys,Zephram&Corbin.There is nothing I love more than them,nothing.

To Boldly Go


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I've got twins on the way.



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I definitely want to have kids- my own, through marriage... but seeing as I still have 6 months to go until I am a legal adult, I have a long wait.


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Quote: Soongcat @ Oct. 16 2010, 3:24 am

'grunts'.. maybe someday I will. But I want to get married first! no marriage, no children. It is as simple as that. My ex did not want to bget married, because it is so 'oldfashioned'... but wanted at least three kids. And I told him, I want marriage, it is my personal wish and my dream. Kids are your dream.... no compromise for him. I do not understand, if you plan to have kids you probably want to stay forever with this person so why no marriage?

Go you! As far as I am concerned, if a man has *everything else*, why would he object to marriage? A woman has got to get him to commit, otherwise, there is nothing to stop him from just walking out and leaving the kids and all someday in the future. You did the right thing.

I hope that you will find a man who is willing to settle down and treat you right.


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Roboto, honey ... having children,
especially within the Institution
of Marriage, usually involves the
vulgarity of sexual reproduction.
You may find yourself reconsidering ...

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