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Report this May. 03 2009, 5:47 pm

On May 3, 2009, I created a Star Trek video game called "Star Trek Universe".  I have been planning this out for quite some time now, and have finally finished making it.  Please, join us in this new MMORPG phenomena.  After all, resistance is futile.

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STU Forums:

* 100% free!

* Features every single race in the Star Trek franchise.

* Join 1 of 23 unique factions or be an independent and don't join a faction.

* No download required!

* Complete realistic missions, ranging from easy to hard.

* Join or start a clan!

* Features a revolutionary stat tracking system.

* Friends lists.

* Ignore lists.

* If you don't want to kill your enemies, you can also capture them.

* Thousands of different weapons.

* Hundreds of different ships.

* Command a ship or space station with hundreds of other players just like yourself as crewmembers.

* Be a pirate and steal cargo.

* Become an entrepreneur by starting your own in-game business!

* Start out as a Cadet in Starfleet Academy and end up as the President of the United Federation of Planets!

* A fully featured ranking system for each faction.

* Different academies for each faction.

* Spectacular graphics.

* A fully customizable character.

* The ability to change your character at a later date.

* Free play over the Internet is provided by Reenactor Entertainment's own Reenactor On-Line (ROL).

* Join thousands of other players!

* Conquer an entire world.

* A in-game political system.

* Players elect their factions leaders in a democratic manner.

* Fully supported forums for the game.

* In-game item trading.

* A friendly and helpful community.

* And so much more!

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