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Which captain are you most like, personality-wise?


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Which Captain's personality matches yours the most?

Do tell, too!


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Same as it ever was...Kirk.

He is a complete person, brilliant, witty, deep thinking, creative, bold, fearless, enthusiastic and dam^ good looking

Did I mention charming and sexy?


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Definitely Kirk. If Kirk was not listed, then Sisko.


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Archer: Sociopathic, racist, bigoted and obsessed with getting credit for everything even if it means putting the lives and feelings of my friends and family in danger... :p


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Janeway. I'm kind of a whiny loser.


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Janeway, cause I am willing to do what must be done even if unwise


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I'm archer. I don't know what I'm doing. :)


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I'm not really like any of them, as I have no leadership skills whatsoever, but probably closest to Janeway and Archer. With a bit of Sisko thrown in too.


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Sisko,He just Seemed Like He was Cool,You Know What I mean?


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Quote (redscorpio1379 @ May 31 2009, 10:53 pm)
Sisko,He just Seemed Like He was Cool,You Know What I mean?

no.. no not at all...

janeway... i overanalyze things and get obsessed with details and science..

picard is too uptight
kirk isnt uptight enough
i dont know anything about archer
and sisko..... uhh... actually im probably most like him.. seeing as how he pisses me off the most.


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Captain Kangaroo:

i used to have a friend called Moose...I guess that's about it.


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I'm not really sure. I suppose Picard because he's kind of pragmatic -- but that's open to interpretation. Although I usually wind up with "data" in the what character are you like polls.


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Why not open that question to include ALL the characters, and not just 4 captains for us guys and only 1 captain for the women? Let's face it, ...we are not all captain material! I kinda feel more like Odo, .....solitary and inquisitive and bound to no one, although I lack his shape shifting abilities.


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I'm probably somewhere between Kirk and Sisko. I think I have the sense of humor and people skills of Kirk, but more of the discipline and thoughtfulness of Sisko. I'm not as impulsive as Kirk, but I'm not as angry as Sisko...

Somewhere in between!


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Piccard because of his history and future...

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