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Sending a greeting card into deep space


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Report this Apr. 17 2009, 11:38 pm

Here is a way to send a hello to anyone that may be out there watching and looking for other signs of life in
the Universe. A rocket manned by robotic humans that could carry the message of Earth with them into deep space
needs to be built. The Robotic Humans (RH) would be built based on the various cultures of the human race. Each
One would have encoded in its processor the basic knowledge of each culture on the planet that way when it was
discovered the species could learn about humanity prior to their arrival to Earth. A message must also be
included that the RH are not real humans just a way to convey what we look like and what humans are. Each
culture on the planet would pick two members from its ranks for the RH to be modeled after. Then in one joint
launch all of the rockets would be launched into space, each with a differrent trajectory. Also tiny location
beacons would be launched from each ship about twice the size of a can of Triumph Mint Snus. The locator beacon
would need to be able to survive for a thousand years and operate either of solar energy and stored energy. Also
the main part of the ship would need to constantly be able to fix Earths location based off of constellations
and other spacial bodies. With this type of launch I am certain that a new push for space exploration
would ensue shortly there after. This is the cheapest and most effective means of sending a greeting to those in
the uknown. Math is the first language of exploration, the second is being able to provide someone with the
means of being able to physically see and touch another sentient species.

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