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What would be your job on Star Trek?

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Quote: spacemonster @ Mar. 23 2009, 10:19 am

I'd just be a full time bum. Sleep in late every day, take up some hobbies. Imagine the equivalent of the Internet in those times with all the connected Federation worlds -- brings new meaning to sitting in front of a computer all day. No need to be in Starfleet, just get my fill of being in command by playing around on a ship simulation battle scene holodeck, networked to other players offworld through highspeed subspace connection. Then when I'm done I'll have some chocolate cake from the replicator, hit the sack after.  It's a lifetime party for me.

I could never!!! I would be chief engineer, get out of my way, Geordi! They're MY engines now, "I'm givin' you all she's got Captain!"...oh Scotty...I'd be awesome!!

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i would probably be in engineering or the chef


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Be an artist... don't know quite where I'd fit in in the 24th century but...


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I'm an engineer at heart.

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id probably be a strategist, the guy who commands the overall strategists, lol would have won the dominion war before it started

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