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Ed - Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Please keep the updates coming.


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Is there anything going on in vegas in July 09 with star trek? Going to be there for aweek


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You'll probably still be able to see the movie in some theatres.

Beyond that, the new Experience is now bogged down by a sluggish economy and an owner who apparently can't find his butt with both hands.  Newest info (much of it rumor) is that construction will start in Aug. with some or all (depending on which of Rohit Joshi's BS you want to believe that day) of STTE-A opening in summer 2010.

I'll believe it when I'm sitting in Quark's with a Warp Core Breach in front of me.


In the meantime, check out this site:

They're long but worth it.  You may even get a bit misty.


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Does anybody have any further updates on the opening of a new Star Trek Experience?

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