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Star Trek Role Playing Game (ST-RPG)


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To Star Trek,

I am writing to suggest a new concept for the Star Trek games. Star Trek Role Playing Game (ST-RPG)
I would like to suggest making a Star Trek Role Playing Game (RPG) similar to Final Fantasy where characters engage in various missions, battles (in space and on away missions).  After each successful battle, experience points are awarded to aid in increasing each characters level. In the case of Star Trek Voyager, enemies would be Delta quadrant enemies. Boss battles could involve the Borg, Cardassians, Romulans, etc¿  As each character levels increase, there strength, intelligence and abilities become stronger. As the game progresses, new weapons, allies and Federation ships become available. Each of the characters unique ability should be similar to the TV show representation.

A possible goal of the game could be to save the Federation from a terrible threat which would tilt the balance of power to an enemy that would destroy the quadrant. Since Star Trek Voyager takes place in the delta quadrant, perhaps build a RPG story line to complement its primary objective ¿ to get home.

The reason why I am suggesting a Star Trek RPG style game is because I am a big fan of turn based RPG games such as Final Fantasy. Although I am a Star Trek fan, it is difficult for me to enjoy any of the current published Star Trek games because of the game play. I do not enjoy tactical strategy games. I would like to play a Star Trek game and experience all the characters from the Star Trek franchise but I would like it to be in a form in which I would enjoy playing. There are many turn based RPG fans that are Star Trek fans. Creating a Star Trek RPG style game would surely get their attention. All the Star Trek series throughout the years including the movies have had great story lines. If the Star Trek RPG game were to be a success, finding storylines for possible sequels shouldn¿t be difficult.

I hope this suggestion finds you well.

Note: This message was also sent to Bethesda Softworks.


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Fellow members,

What are your thoughts regarding a Star Trek turn based Role Playing Game similar to Final Fantasy for the console and PC? This would be a departure to the current Star Trek games already out.


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