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ZOMG - Earth smites Borg?!?


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Report this Dec. 23 2008, 12:30 am

It's 2406 and we've just fought the Borg back from earth. The Federation is in pieces and those of Futility's End are set to pick them back up again.

Enter Star Trek: Triton...

Triton is sent out into the unknown, to learn what has become of systems, planets, and civilizations that once flourished; render aid and assistance where needed and report home - with hopefully good news.

We run a Play-By-Bulletin-Board sim and provide a fun and unique role-playing experience for all of our players. We can guarantee that danger lurks around every corner, and the fear that the Collective may return is very real.

Triton is looking for mature players who are interested in strong character development and a unique role-playing experience.

* Chief Flight Control Officer
* Chief Science Officer
* Master-at-Arms
* Nurse

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