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Barely three years have passed since the cease fire of the Dominion War, a war that shook the galaxy to its core. Only now in twenty-three seventy-eight (2378), are the respectable powers rebuilding and setting down the long road of recovery. The memories of the fallen, the damage wrought will never be forgotten as it only fuels the drive to recover. Out of the Fleets of the Federation and its guardian branch of Starfleet, the Sixth Fleet wasn't spared the horrors of the war yet it is the only one still at any state of readiness. The USS Mercury, a Nebula-class cruiser, carries with it the scars and memories of long campaigns. It is this ship, with a new crew and new possibilities, that is the most capable at the Sixth Fleet's disposal. The Mercury may be scarred and its bulkheads no longer reflect the light from a passing star, but as with any vessel it is not the polish or some new weapon that makes it what it is. It is the valiant crew, a crew brought together from the winds of the galaxy to see this noble ship through its trials.

It is time to choose, and to join this star-bound ship. The Mercury's home is Feel free to check us out, and witness the Federation's new hope.

Captain Sean Michael Curtin
Commanding Officer
USS Mercury

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