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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-G


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"Space... the final frontier...," these are the words that the
Federation and Starfleet Command used to pioneer the out reaches of
space and time. Just like how the legendary Enterprises before, a
future generation of officers now continue this legacy.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-G is ahead of the pack as the flagship of
Juno Fleet and is considered one of the most powerful ships in the
fleet. Join our crew and get in on the excitement as we follow the
legacy of the legends before us and boldly go where no one has gone

When joining please be sure that you plan to post at least three
times a week, in this way your character would not be considered
inactive and would not be removed after a months time. Please submit
a completed application, in this way your application will be
accepted more readily, also please fill out the sample post as well.
All we ask of prospective roleplayers is that they have a strong
handle on basic writing skills and grammar, have no problems with
being creative and that they have fun!

Her current mission:

In the aftermath of the Battle of Starbase 522, the Romulan and Cardassian Armadas have scattered across the sector. While broken and defeated, these ships still pose a threat to the safety of any ships crossing Juno Fleet¿s Area of Responsibility, and the admiralty has tasked many warships to protect trade lanes and crucial supply points.
The Klingon Ambassador¿s Flagship took damage in the battle and is incapable of defending itself, but with the rest of the fleet tasked to protect Federation citizens, there is only one ship left to escort the crippled Klingon back to it¿s home port for repairs; the Enterprise.

However, the crew of the Enterprise is overtaxed and in desperate need of shore leave, so the Fleet Admiral has decided that the Enterprise crew will be placed on mandatory shore leave for the duration of the Enterprise¿s new mission and a temporary crew will be placed on the ship so that it can fulfill the mission.

The mission is scheduled to take one month, most of that time spent protecting the damaged Klingon ship, by the time it returns to the starbase Enterprise¿s crew should be more then ready to return to duty.

If you are a new to role-playing, I recommend Captain Andrew Smith in
Juno Fleet, USS Archimedes,, where
they teach and show people how to roleplay departments in Starfleet

SIMM Info:

Looking for:

Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
Marine Executive Officer
Wing Commander
Wing Executive Officer
Detachment Commander

We have a host of other positions aboard from Non-Commissioned
Officers to Warrant Officers to Officers, in this way we hope to
create a complete manifest, to give the ship a more realistic feel,
meaning that you could be a petty officer and still have an
interesting life on a ship, in this case the Enterprise.

CO: Commodore Scott F. Brennan
XO: Commander Jordan Blackwater

SIMM Year: 2421
Type Site: SMS (SIMM Management System)
Ship Site:
Fleet Site:

CO Email:

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