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Welcome back the Experience


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Quote (Mandemus @ Feb. 28 2009, 2:48 pm)
I'm a few months behind on this news, but I am absolutely thrilled. I have no interest in gambling, but enjoyed my trips to Las Vegas anyway, just to visit STTE and eat at Quark's. I had no intention of visiting Vegas again until this wonderful news.

I am glad to hear the news (assuming that it is accurate) that the Borg Invasion 4D adventure will return. Although many reviews of that one compared it less favorably to the Klingon Encounter, I actually preferred Borg Invasion because it was more like watching a great episode of Voyager.

Of course, being on a shuttlecraft in the Klingon Encounter was fun, too, but I'd be very happy to see a new adventure using that equipment. Why not recreate the TOS bridge, give us a new adventure with younger Kirk and crew, and redub the shuttlecraft after the Galileo or something?

I agree with the comments earlier about Fremont St. not being hard to get to. Essentially, the Experience is just moving up the road to north Las Vegas Blvd, and it was already quite a trek up to the Hilton anyway. A little further on a bus (if you're staying on the Strip) won't make much of a difference. I hope they do well in their new home and I can't wait to visit!

I'm going to wait to hear more of what the new Experience will feature before I get too excited.
If it's going to be just a giant ad for Abrams' Trek universe, then no thanks.
If it represents the entire franchise, then that would be fair enough for me.
I do wonder if the menu at the new restaurant will  be the same as the old one or if it will be entirely new.


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Anyone who's paying close attention to what's being said in the press should be able to read between the lines and surmise that they are basically going to try to use as much of the previous Experience as possible which means largely 24th C.  However, TOS has become a central focus of new toys, comics, books and of course the new movie so I think those fans that criticized the old Experience for not having enough TOS will be happy.

Since the thing is being reinstalled in stages, I'm sure TPTB are looking to see what fan reaction to the new movie is before rushing to redo any of what came before.


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I have nothing against the original series.
It's Abrams' re-imagining I have problems with.


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We dont get much news up here north of the boarder.  Can I assume that it is definity being built and now borg 4d will also be there.  Does anyone know when this will be opening.


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CBS, the Neonopolis and the city of Las Vegas have all stated at one point or another that this was happening. It appears that they are hoping to reopen by May 8th (for the new movie) with the Bar and retail shops and possibly the museum. If the museum isnt open right away, it would be added a few months later. Sometime in 2010 they are planning to have all the rides opening. It appears that the rides will be reworked, but will be mostly the same at this point, but nothing is carved in stone yet. Everything I've heard, sounds like at this point they're planning on reusing the stuff from the original, and then changing it if the new movie does revitalize the franchise.


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Fair enough.
If it does change, I hope it doesn't change enough to the point that it just reflects Abrams version of Trek  and only his version.


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I hope that they rework the rides to make them better.  For instance making stuff longer!!!!

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