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USS Lejeune


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USS Lejeune

Galaxy Class.

Crewed entirely by marines.

Mission One: Archangel

The Lejeune received the call at 2300. And within the hour, they were weighing anchor. As always it is the place of the Marines to be the first into the field.

At 1600 that day, a Dominion Force struck a Federation colony just inside the Gamma Quadrant. Jem'Hadar assault troops had landed and killed the majority of the small Starfleet security force assigned and a Dominion Cruiser had blown the colony's two orbital defence platforms to dust.

The Lejeune has been assigned as the initial relief until additional humanitarian and covering forces can be mobilized to move in. At the moment they are repelling Jem'Hadar boarding parties, whilst attempting to disable their ship.

Department heads are needed in the science and operations departments. Other junior positions are available.

The USS Lejeune.

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