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Bridge Commander


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Report this Sep. 25 2008, 6:11 pm

Hi all,

i finally managed to get a copy of the 'old game' star trek bridge commander. however, i'm stuck in the last part of the final mission (where you have to destroy the 4 hybrid ships). i manage to start at that point without a scratch,and 50+ quantum torpedoes, but whatever i do, i can't even destroy 1 hybrid before being blown up myself. i tried different tactics but nothing works. can someone in here give me a hint ¿:question:

thank you in advance,


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Find the cheat for God mode, CTRL-K to destroy any targeted object.


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thank you for your hint, however, i would like to beat the game in a fair way, so if you have any idea's for a good strategy, please tell me :)

thank you,


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Okay deatory only the ships weapons on each don't deatory the ship
then after there weapons are gone take them out

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