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How old are we?


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I am 28. I used to watch Star Trek in syndication with my Daddy when I was like 5....then VHS came out and he recored them. I watched those with him until they broke. Same with TNG. By then the DVDs were just coming out at 150 bucks a pop, but I saved and bought all of them (TOS that is). Now I own TOS and the Animated series, my father has TNG and Ent, and my brother DS9 and Voy. This way we all just trade every so often! Star Trek for me is like a nostalgic memory. It reminds me of staying up later then my bed time watching TOS with my Daddy. I would always fall asleep of course. Every Christmas we would have a marathon and we would watch it until we fell asleep. This was such an important thing to me that I went over to their house every Christmas Eve and stayed the night up until I was 25 (when I got married). My husband was not a trekkie when we got married....but he sure is now! TOS is still my favorite just because of the memories it brings back.

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